Casual and quick

By weeklyvolcano on October 1, 2009



With only one other Asian restaurant in DuPont’s McNeil Station, i Sushi & Teriyaki is the prettiest girl in the room. This Japanese Fusion restaurant’s close proximity to the military installations, easy freeway access and inexpensive pricing ensure a steady flow of hungry mouths. High ceilings and tons of windows ensure the volume level to be high as well. In short, it’s packed, loud and tasty.

JAKE DE PAUL: Seated at the table across from the kitchen door, I felt like we were in the aisle â€" not comfy, not one bit. A passel of toddlers and their harried mothers sat across from us in what was obviously a designated waiting area for take-out customers and created an impromptu sideshow attraction with crayons, straws and animal noises. If we’d wanted to be at the circus it would have been perfect. Instead it was loud, loud, loud and detracted from any possible ambiance.

JASON DE PAUL: Wow, you’re certainly no Mother Goose. You sound like Dad when we were teenagers. We should have waited longer and sat in the back by the restroom.

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