Bier ist gut, yo

By weeklyvolcano on October 3, 2009


Maltoberfest If you’re new to the Maltoberfest game â€" here’s the brief lowdown: It’s like Oktoberfest propped up with copious amounts of Mad Dog 20/20 â€" think ghetto culture spliced with lederhosen. It’s the most unique of parties, and it seems to be getting stronger by the year.

For this year’s Maltoberfest, which will be held tonight at Bob’s Java Jive, event co-creators Craig Egan and Jen Orr have booked quite a musical lineup, including Q Dot, Paris Spleen, Ten Miles of Bad Road, Faraca, Dandelion Junk Queens, 508 Disturbance and Darrren Selector.

“I must say that our event has been blessed by the gods of intoxication. For inviting Tacoma’s craziest people and feeding them 10,000 ounces of gnarly brew, we’ve had surprisingly little trouble,” says Egan.

[Bob's Java Jive, Maltoberfest IV, Saturday, Oct. 3, 6 p.m., $15, $10 in Maltoberfest attire, 2102 S. Tacoma Way, Tacoma, 253.475.9843]