Adult Wiffle Ball league

By weeklyvolcano on August 11, 2009


Wiffle-Ball-PlastiBobble-avatar-forums If you are anything like Bobble Tiki, you played Wiffle Ball as a child in the backyard, on campus when you should have been in class, and, if you happen to work at the Weekly Volcano World Headquarters, whenever a sufficient number of deadlines have been met.

And Bobble Tiki is sure you had the same arguments about balls, strikes and outs (all part of the fun of course) as we did.

Anyway, Bobble Tiki just received word that the Lakewood Community Center will host an adult Wiffle Ball league this fall:

Register your Wiffle Ball team by September 24th.  Registration and league play is held at the Lakewood Community Center, 9112 Lakewood Drive SW, Lakewood.  The fee per team is $198.  For more information call 253-798-4177.

By the way, the Volcano's baseball diamond was our lower parking lot that's usually dry (as opposed to the dripping ceiling we enjoy October through May). Four of us competed in an every-man/tiki-for-himself battle of "automatics" and "ghost runners" that typically found each person getting two at-bats. One person/tiki pitched to a catcher who called balls and strikes. The catcher also decided whether a hard grounder, line-drive or deep fly was a single, double, triple, homer or out.