Beer Chat: The Red Hot

By weeklyvolcano on July 3, 2009


Breakfast-with-Bobble-Tiki Despite the best efforts of Tacoma’s Bottle Rocket Czar Bobble Tiki knows the suburbs will look and smell like a set from Apocalypse Now tomorrow. Neighborhoods of otherwise model citizens will toss aside their compliant approach on July 4, using the celebration of freedom to exercise a little of their own. Vive la resistance! Sorry ... excuse Bobble Tiki’s French.

Speaking of exploding, Bobble Tiki about lost it when he discovered received that The Red Hot will take the Fourth off. Seriously? Where will Bobble Tiki hide Saturday? Bobble Tiki caught up with Red Hot owner Chris Trashcan for the scoop.

Red-Hot-article-814 CHRIS TRASHCAN: Seriously. I will be somewhere with my cell phone turned off, enjoying life. The Red Hot Beertender Crew will be enjoying a deserved day off, and we'll be back for the attack on Sunday the 5th.

TIKI: Crap. Now Bobble Tiki will have to spend the day with the extended family. Ugh.

I’ll drop by the next day for my regular real beer float. Bobble Tiki sees you’re using Ninkasi’s Oatis this Sunday for the floats. Why?

TRASHCAN: I chose Ninkasi's Oatis this Sunday because it has a killer roasty, chocolate maltiness to it that goes great with vanilla bean ice cream. Kind of earthy. It's dark chocolate bitterness pulls through the creaminess as well. It has a smooth mouthfeel as is, which is even more pronounced on ice cream. Plus it's just fucking delicious.

TIKI: Hey, little help. Bobble Tiki’s nephews or something shake up his Pabst cans every Fourth. If Bobble Tiki taps the top of his can, will it not explode on him?

TRASHCAN: No, tapping a can does nothing except help to take more CO2 out of solution, which will cause even more foaming. If you don't shake up the can, you won't have this problem to begin with.

TIKI: Crap.

[The Red Hot, 2914 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.779.0229]