Pick-Quick reopens

By weeklyvolcano on February 2, 2009


As I mentioned several weeks ago, Pick-Quick Drive In would reopen Feb. 1 after its annual winter cleaning.

It happened, bay-bee! 

I can smell the waft of fresh grilled burgers and homemade fries from right here at my Weekly Volcano World Headquarters makeshift desk.  The fact that they moved my desk outside on the patio, instead of in the office with everyone else, makes smelling this sweet re-opening all the more succulent.  Now if only Pappi and Driscoll would return my car, I might sneak up Pacific Highway to Fife for a late lunch. 

Does anyone else think it’s odd that they only borrow my car when they plan on having drinks at lunch? 


[Pick-Quick Drive In, 4306 Pacific Highway E., Fife, 253.922.5599]

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