Tattoo ink and Stumptown Coffee

By weeklyvolcano on November 1, 2008


Bobble Tiki loves him a good cup of coffee. Admittedly, Bobble Tiki has never really been amused when people use the phrase “loves him a …” but in the case of coffee, Bobble Tiki’s willing to let even the most annoying of vernaculars slide.

Bobble Tiki’s a quad shot kind of guy. He has been since the beginning. Good coffee helps Bobble Tiki make it through the day, and good coffee helps Bobble Tiki have the motivation to drag his groggy, boxed wine soaked Tiki head out of bed every morning.

When it comes to coffee in Tacoma, few if any do it better than Satellite Coffee on Division near Wright Park. Part of a group of hip local businesses that also includes Supernova Hair and Tattoo, Satellite Coffee will celebrate its one year birthday this Saturday, Nov. 1. At the very same time Supernova will celebrate what owner Pat Brown calls a “grand reopening.” Since the people behind both businesses are close friends, and they all work together as a team, Supernova and Satellite will party together for the celebration, inviting Bob Wayne, along with Eddie Spaghetti and Ron Heathman of the Supersuckers (Heathman’s a co-owner of Satellite, and Brown plays with Bob Wayne) to dish out some rock, while the masses are invited to check out upgrades made to Supernova and drink free French press coffee from upstairs.


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Photo courtesy of Myspace