Intimate night at the Mandolin

By weeklyvolcano on October 1, 2008


Angelareed Angela Reed is not a folk singer, even though she leans toward the genre lyrically â€" think Sarah McLachlan meets Melissa Ethridge as she blends acoustic rock with an updated sound that is in step with the mainstream. The 20-something songstress is inspired by such artists as Joni Mitchell, Ani Difranco and Jeff Buckley, but doesn’t sound like any of them. Rather, she takes elements from each and creates her own unique sound.

Born with a naturally beautiful voice, her range is vast as she croons through her originally penned material. Whether performing as a solo act or with her band, Reed’s shows are akin to an intimate gathering of friends.

On the Seattle-native’s sophomore studio effort, Undertone, Reed paints personal narratives of her life with an openness that borders on confessional.

Catch her tonight at the Mandolin Cafe.

[Mandolin Cafe, 7 p.m., donation, 3923 S. 12th St., Tacoma, 253.761.3482]