Toilet Tales: Katie Downs

By weeklyvolcano on September 2, 2008


Sick and tired of all things hot dog/hamburger, my Gorge crew from this past weekend went begging me for pizza with a view. I had about 15 people at my house upon our return from yet another yearly ritual: Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge. We were tired, hungry, and no one wanted to clean or cook, so off to Katie Downs we went. The sun poked out just as we began to cruise Ruston, and the beer poured freely as we waited for half-priced appetizers to settle our bellies. Eventually a break to the bathroom was in order, and off I went to reminisce whilst visiting the porcelain throne.

Fully equipped with three RVs and a handful of tents, there was no shortage of comfort or friendly company. Bandito Betty was in tow for the whole weekend, and even Jessica Corey-Butler made a short camping appearance Saturday night. Everyone pitched in, got along, and had a blast. Life. Was. Good.

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