Cheap eats

By weeklyvolcano on September 2, 2008


Spam The Associated Press compiled this report today: “With food prices rising and packages shrinking, parents are wondering how they'll stretch their food budgets. Children are going to get an unwitting lesson in economics, analysts say, as parents change their food-buying habits to keep costs down.

Some kids will eat more hot lunches this year. Some will carry baggies full of snacks like home-packed chips and crackers rather than prepackaged ones. Maybe there will be more peanut butter, if it hasn't been banned in school because of allergies, instead of lunch meats, or cheaper items like Spam.”

For those who missed my report on Spam recently, stick to the grocery market because Hawaiian restaurants in town don’t discount the cheaper red meat.  But, for ideas on how to prepare it, here IS what local chefs do with the canned pork product:

Café Hawaii (14125 Pacific Ave, Parkland): The Spam is breaded in the traditional Japanese katsu method and served over rice.

Hawaiian Grill (2501 East D, Freighthouse Square, Tacoma): Grilled Spam on rice with two fried eggs and thick brown gravy.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue (10417 Gravelly Lake Dr., Lakewood Towne Center, Lakewood): Slice of Spam placed on rice and wrapped in nori.

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