The Tacoma Files: Tarek Jordan

By Daniel Blue on August 25, 2008


Tacomafilestarekjordan_2 Tacomafilesart Tarek Jordan is a multicultural icon.

Recently obsessed with contacting the future, I actually met Jordan in the past. Our first conversation was several years ago during a ride back from his parent's house in North Tacoma, he struck me then as a clever minded youth with a propensity to seek out the fantastic. Psychedelia has been kind to Tarek.

During a brief encounter with his artistic side in the basement of a now defunct Paris Spleen domicile, I discovered his ability to channel nearly every dominant strain of 70's rock demon as we painted rhythmically in the black light. The backbone of many bands, including the ever-present Drug Purse, this leather clad young townie knows only the limits of his own sardonic soul.

"How has it come to this? I've been trying to get to the future for days," he tells me outside of The Helm gallery as a discount bottle of cough syrup is passed between our hands, "I've been the future, were fucked, man. Jesus never comes back." 

This is the wisdom of our age. This is the brilliance of the hive mind that was created in the basements of an anti-bohemian resistance.

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