The Tacoma Files: Sean Alexander

By Daniel Blue on August 22, 2008


Tacomafilesseanalexander Tacomafilesart Sean Alexander is the co-founder of The Helm gallery on Broadway in Downtown Tacoma.  I trust him when he tells me why my art works, and why it does not.  He is not afraid to pull any punches, and he is never just trying to be nice.   

Long ago, he showed me some dreamland paintings that were hanging in his hallway.  His roomie at the time wanted them gone, and I wanted them on my wall.  I took them for free, and a couple of years later Sean asked for them back.  He said his mom wanted them; she had taken a sudden interest in him as an artist.  I told him that he was S.O.L.  and that his mom could pay him to paint something else.  This may have harmed our relationship, but I own two matching early Alexanders, do you? 

Recently he has begun preparations for the first ever Austin-style Tacoma music festival that will premiere in October in correspondence with the opening of the New Frontier.  This is the future of our town.

Oh, Sean Alexander is also continually inspired by the whales. 

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