The Tacoma Files: Sara Rougeau

By Daniel Blue on August 24, 2008


Tacomafilessararougeau Tacomafilesart Sara Rougeau's first bike was a yellow tiger that we found on the side of the road. Tires were flat, the brakes were squeaky but the shifters worked and it had this badass scratching action tiger crest on the headstock.  That was a salad summer, wherein most of the day was spent rolling around with the gang looking for ingredients to the ridiculous salad/gouache that we would eat with everyone that afternoon.

She lived with her father on a golf course at the time and would crash at the warehouse four to five nights a week. Now she belongs here, has her own apartment downtown and a newer, better, faster red 10-speed.   

There is something elegant and yet very childlike about the way that Sara carries herself and the way in which she expresses that self in her explosive marker drawings.  Complex patterns swirl and cope about simple symbolic shapes.  An inordinate amount of color goes into the production, but it always blends as well as one could ask and moves the lens around the communication in question. 

Her wish is for all to be comforted and feel well loved. She is a ruby set in a topaz hand.

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