The Tacoma Files: Ron Geier

By Daniel Blue on August 30, 2008


TacomafilesrongeierTacomafilesart Ron Geier is a soundman.  He also is a rare and interesting source of Tacoma's culture history.  Having grown up in this town, played in bands in the 80's and since moved to Korea and back, his memories of the pre-boom Tacoma are both adorable and hilarious. 

I met Ron when he moved in next door to me in the beautiful alcove we have carved out of the alleyways of downtown.  He has all sorts of valuable knowledge about sound and lights and recording. He has been forever generous to lend his skill and gear when our budding art sensibilities called for a show off session.  Ron has provided stage, sound and lights for at least six events that I have squeezed into the Tacoma public eye. 

I've fond memories of late nights drinking and swapping stories over the kitchen bar inside the Warehouse. 

Ron is a stand up man, and a good friend to have in your corner.  His ingenuity and creative thinking are unrivaled among his peers.