The Tacoma Files: Meet Levi Meinzer

By Daniel Blue on August 31, 2008

Tacomafileslevimeinzer Tacomafilesart_2 Levi Meinzer was not the first person in my downtown circles that I would imagine as a father.  Pictured here with his happy child, Persephone, he seems to be doing an excellent job. 

In the day Levi was one of the few people brave enough (or crazy enough) to drop Tacoma's hills on a skate-deck.  Always friendly and surprising me with his knowledge of the astral world, he and his brother, Eli, were often my compatriots outside of the old Kickstand Cafe.  Since then he has moved to Fox Island, where he lived in a cabin with the love of his life and now baby's mamma. 

Levi is one of those kids that no matter where he goes or what he does, will always and forever be Tacoma.  The grit spirit has him by the balls, and he wears it on his sleeves.   

A short time employee of University Place-based alternative sportswear company One Ball Jay, Levi is currently the operator of the Pink Mail-Jeep ice cream truck with his sister, Jasmine.  A calm and soft-spoken fellow, I have always known him to be friendly and level headed - the type of gentleman that I would take with me if I had a meeting with some leg-breaker loan sharks under the bridge of the new China Gardens.