The Tacoma Files: Jeremy Webster

By Daniel Blue on August 29, 2008


Tacomafilesjeremywebster Tacomafilesart Jeremy Webster is the best Guitar Hero player I have ever seen.  Most Guitar Hero players aren't proficient on the actual instrument, but Jeremy plays the funky base like it was a woman - a ticklish screaming woman, scream screaming the blues. 

Jeremy lives on his own in Tacoma with no help from anyone.  He is a paper machine cutter by day, band member by night.

We actually grew up down the street from each other. My cousin Zac lived around the corner and we would compete for Zac's guitar prowess, each of us trying to monopolize him into our own project. 

In 1993 Zac and Jeremy produced a song called "Monster Cookie Land" and I knew it was over for me.  Jeremy and I became friends much later through mutual connections in the Auburn area. 

Generous as a beaver, he acquired my first cell phone then he put me on his family plan.  I still owe him money.

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