The Tacoma Files: David Fewster

By Daniel Blue on August 28, 2008


Tacomafilesdavidfewster Tacomafilesart_2 David Fewster and I used to see each other more - mainly at open mics.  A few years ago the Tacoma open mic circuit was alive and buzzing with what we thought was the ultimate manifestation of our arts renaissance - spoken word, the poetry mic, the slams, the crowds, the girls - oh the beatnik groupies, such fond memories. 

David hails from a time when beat was more than a sideline competition for wanna-be MCs.  His words sometimes are like warnings, urging me not to fantasize too much about becoming Jack Kerouack or Ken Kesey.  His poems tell me that being an artist is hard and people often are sad and hungry.  This work is real, not waiting for my permission to speak honestly. 

Currently married, making music and working at the used book store near Freighthouse Square, David has moved from the open mic circuit to the performance art/modern dance scene, starring in recent works from Barefoot Studios. 

Its good to see him - the Godfather of the Tacoma beats.

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