The Tacoma Files: Chilton Agreson

By Daniel Blue on August 23, 2008


Tacomafileschiltonagreso Tacomafilesart Chilton Agreson stands at attention.

Chilton is an art collector, by day and a black market art distributor by night.  Some people call that stealing. Chilton calls it the redistribution of public treasure. Art is magic, you know, pure magic.  Rich people don't pay gobs of money for spectacular works of art because they are stupid.  They pay so much money for it because they feed off of the magic that the artist put into it.  This magic helps them to be spiritually and emotionally healthy and in turn helps them make more money.  Chilton knows this, and without art, he knows that the common man is suffering.  He weeps as the masses gather in front of their televisions to get a dose of what they know they need. He sobs at the idea that "entertainment" is more attractive than "enlightenment." Chilton knows that the longer you sit and contemplate a great work of art, the more time it has to effect your psyche and bring you to a place of understanding about life and your role in the fabric of it.  He believes that the happiness of that person depends on their ability to find their place in the great weaving of souls that has become our everyday lives. 

"True art rends us under the veil between the physical and the emotional (or spiritual) planes of existence.  It is a physical object, that has the power to effect spiritual space," explains Chilton. 

He wants you to encounter that magic, and is "rescuing" art every day from the hidden places of the greedy elite.

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