The Tacoma Files: Jason Ganwich

By Daniel Blue on June 13, 2008


Tacomafilesjasonganwich Tacomafilesart_2 Jason Ganwich has lived in beautiful Tacoma for the entirety of his life. Born and raised on the seedy soil and tepid tap of this glorious gridded peninsula, Ganwich knows most everyone you know and has the stories that you want to hear about your friends. 

An excellent and artistic photographer and filmmaker, this icon of Tacoma culture can be seen at weddings, parties, funerals, and most any other event that asks to be remembered.

Ganwich is a master of the human image, possessing some perhaps alien understanding of the figurative gesture. Of the many that have tried, Ganwich has taken the best picture, in my humble opinion, of me. One quarter of the population of the world should have themselves filmed being photographed by this genius behind the lens.

One of the first people I met here, I was outside the Kickstand Cafe having a conversation with Austen Hoogen (a fellow filmmaker) when Ganwich dropped into the conversation and invited me out for a drink. I was delighted at the friendliness of these two chaps, and agreed immediately. They took me to a bar of their choosing, seeing as I had no idea where anything was, and as I walked down the steps of the Silverstone, I noticed the rainbow flags hanging in the hallway.