Rock the Cause

By weeklyvolcano on May 18, 2008

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Rock the Cause
Today Love Tacoma and Project:U have teamed up to create Rock the Cause, a fund-raiser for the United Way of Pierce County set to go down at Jazzbones from 2-9 p.m. It’ll be a multifarious mix of great local rock and roll talent and a hip-hop band, all available to an all-ages crowd, and all in the name of raising cash for the United Way of Pierce County. I spoke with United Way of Pierce County president Rick Allen for this week’s cover story, and what the organization does for the uninsured alone should be enough to inspire your donations and intrigue you into spending Sunday at Jazzbones. Couple that with a lineup consisting of Evan Purcell, Fear Train Caravan, Matt Coughlin, Nasty Left, Paris Spleen, the Vamanos, and Trip the Light Fantastic, and you’ve really no good reason to miss this show. â€" Matt Driscoll
[Jazzbones, Sunday, May 18, 2-9 p.m., all ages, $8, 2803Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.396.9169]


Man of La Mancha
This show had a lot of hype behind it, but it has proven to deliver as promised. Capital Playhouse's Artistic Director Jeff Kingsbury is that good, dispatches from the front report. Now I could draw some real-life parallels between Kingsbury playing the role of a knight who is fighting against an imaginary foe and his debates on the Olympia City Council, but that comparison would be cheap and hackish.

For anyone not in the know, the show follows the tale of Cervantes, who finds himself in prison during a time when folks didn't want to find themselves behind bars â€" the Spanish Inquisition. Facing less-than-kind treatment at the hands of the court's prosecutors, Cervantes presents his defense against the nebulous charges of presenting entertainment offensive to the Spanish Inquisition by taking on the role of Don Quixote. While in prison awaiting his trial, he portrays the legendary tale of valiant fights and battles for idealistic justice against all odds or hope of success. â€" Steve Dunkelberger
[Capital Playhouse,
Man of La Mancha, through May 31 7:30 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday, 2 p.m. Sunday, $21-$33, 612 E. Fourth Ave., downtown Olympia, 360.943.2744,]

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