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April 8, 2008 at 7:24am

Free coffee at 9 a.m.


Starbuckspikeplaceroast Starbucks Corp will introduce a new, everyday brew called Pike Place Roast today and, beginning at 9 a.m. on the West Coast, will hand out free 8-ounce samples for 30 minutes.

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April 8, 2008 at 7:52am

Barleywine Fest


Those in the know know that barleywine isn't wine at all, but a dark, malty ale enjoyed late in the evening. Brewed for a long time with a lot of sugar, barley wine's alcohol levels tend to top off at about 14 percent. That's about three times the amount in a popular, mass-produced beer.

Those in the know know that the Parkway Tavern will host its third annual Barleywine Fest Saturday, April 12 from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. They will serve 25 aged barleywines, four prime rib roasts and three pigs.

Those in the know know to program a taxi service on their cell.

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April 8, 2008 at 9:00am

Voluble and nauseated


THE DAILY WORDBreakfast11807
voluble \VOL-yuh-buhl\, adjective:
1. Characterized by a ready flow of speech.
2. Easily rolling or turning; rotating.
3. (Botany) Having the power or habit of turning or twining.

USAGE EXAMPLE:  Five Budweisers made Bobble Tiki voluble â€" then sick.


TACOMA: Toll hike proposed

OLYMPIA: A lot of tuition

SEATTLE: Treehouse guy evicted

UNITED STATES: Housing crisis

MUSIC LISTINGS: Here’s what’s happening

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April 8, 2008 at 10:37am

Toilet Tales visits Club Silverstone


KAke and I ventured into Club Silverstone last week with hopes of beer-lubricating ourselves into a joyous buzz. We wished to relish in the anonymity, and for once have a drink without running into someone we knew. Not only did we achieve our goal, but also we had a downright amazing time on the way.

The random tunes blaring from the walls had us up and dancing to songs we hadn't heard in such a long time. The stuff that made you gasp and say,I remember this song! The huge dance floor in the back room invited us to cut a rug like only KAke and Steph can do. The night was grand, and we made every minute of it worthwhile.

Of course, eventually the inevitable happened: I had to go pee. I walked behind a wall to search for the ladies room, yet what I found was a small predicament and a difficult choice. There were two bathroom doors to enter, but neither one had a gender specific sign anywhere near them. It took me a few seconds to feel good about making a decision, but the feeling of freedom overshadowed any bit of anxiety that might've entered my head. I loved it! I suppose the separation of the men's and women's restrooms in a gay bar is pretty much pointless.

While enjoying the simple, yet revolutionary, non-sexist Silverstone restroom" I began to ponder something that KAke had mentioned right before my pee break: Her 20th year high school reunion was this summer. (Damn, she's old.)

I began to wonder how many people had changed in 20 years, and what they had changed into, or out of. You remember the cliques, right? Do you feel as though everyone fit into a specific group? If you could put yourself into one stereotypical high school genus, what would you classify yourself as? Geek? Jock? Partier? Dopehead?

What if there came a time, that just like Club Silverstone bathrooms, you didn't have types  of people? What if for once, we were an all-accepting society? And it didn't matter what we dressed like, what bar we frequented, or who our friends were¬" we only looked at people for who they were inside.

I brought this up to KAke upon returning to my butt-print in the barstool, and she confessed that she was just wondering the same exact thing. We tried to reverse the contemplation and began thinking of people we knew here locally¬" guessing what they were like in high school.

We used one of our mutual acquaintances, a girl known to be very un-approving of strangers. She snubs her nose at anyone new to her scene and acts as though it is in your highest duty to befriend her. (Au, contraire, attitudes like this make KAke and me shudder with disgust.)

We then had a sudden revelation that this girl was probably the inept, anti-social, nerd¬" if you will, of her high school class. She's never had the opportunity to develop social skills, and has no idea what it's like to simply be accepted.Unfortunately, she still has her metaphoric, defensive, high school guard up, and in her adult life is unable to accept people wanting to be her friend.

Call it catty, or call it brilliant, but I think we're pretty much dead-on. The truth is: It's about time we all let go of high school. Who gives a fuck what you were, or what you thought you'd be? Live in the here and now¬" and enjoy every moment, and every new friend life has to offer. I know I do.

LINK: High school forum on the Volcano's Web site.

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April 8, 2008 at 5:01pm

Similar plight in Oly


I’ve spent the last week or two immersed in a story about Tacoma’s new noise ordinance. The story will grace the cover of the Weekly Volcano this Thursday.

Amidst this noise ordinance work, I learned of a similar state of affairs happening in Olympia. While the situation in our state capital is a little different, and Olympia is only proposing an amendment to the city’s current noise ordinance, the end affect of the amendment (if passed) will make life significantly more difficult on local music venues in Olympia. In this sense Oly’s plight is very similar to ours in Tacoma. When it comes to regulating noise, it certainly seems both towns are heading in the same direction.

Last night the City of Olympia Planning Commission held a public meeting, looking for comments and input from Olympia citizens prior to making a recommendation to the Olympia City Council who will have the final say on whether Olympia’s noise ordinance is amended to include a 60 decibel limit on noise between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

While I didn’t attend the public meeting, Pit Kwiecinski did. Pit owns my favorite bar in Olympia, the Brotherhood, and he was kind enough to give me the dirt on what went down at last night’s public meeting.

“(The meeting) was well attended. 90% opposed to amending the current noise ordinance. Most downtown club owners were there,” says Kwiecinski.

“What they want to do is set a 60 decibel level for downtown Olympia, business to business and business to residential. That is the level of two people having a conversation. Indeed, several people at the meeting brought sound meters and showed that the meeting itself was around 63 decibels.

“They are proposing this change in anticipation of more housing being built in downtown Olympia. Without much regard, in my humble opinion, for the bars and live music scene that Olympia is noted for. They freely admit that this change is directed at the clubs.”

After hearing, loud and clear it seems, the fears and opposition of many citizens of Olympia, it will be interesting to see what recommendations the Planning Commission makes to the City Council. Kwiecinski expects a decision to be made sometime in May.

I’ll keep my ear on it, and let you know what develops with proposed changes to Olympia’s noise ordinance.

April 9, 2008 at 6:57am

Sounds fishy

Volcanoblastart THE LECTURE
Climate change
The press release reads: Join Earth scientist Pat Pringle, who will speak on Climate Change at this free presentation, co-sponsored by Earth Care Catholics & Interfaith Works of Olympia. Ho-hum. The book Unstoppable Global Warming claims Earth is warming after all. It’s just that the warming is caused by nature, not car exhaust, isn’t a big deal and can’t be stopped anyway so there is no reason to get all bent out of shape. If Pringle was say, a Mars scientist, then I would be very interested to hear what the little Martian has to say. â€" Suzy stump
[Traditions Café, 7-9 p.m., free, 300 Fifth Ave, Tacoma, 360.357.7224]

Fishtank Ensemble
They call themselves the Fishtank Ensemble after an Oakland performance space where fiddler Fabrice Martinez assembled his ensemble. Originally from France, Martinez spent the Linkin Park years traveling around Europe in a mule-drawn caravan playing folk music, always fueling up in Romani villages. A close second to Europe, Oakland is where Martinez assembled his ensemble of like ilk, which includes a violinist, accordionist, flamenco and gypsy jazz guitarist, shamisenist, bassist, sawist and singer(ist). â€" Brad Allen
[Mandolin Café, 7:30 p.m., all ages, no cover, 3929 S. 12th St., Tacoma, 253.761.3482]

LINK: Maia Santell and others in the clubs tonight.
LINK: How have you changed since high school?
LINK: Let’s eat at a bistro today.

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April 9, 2008 at 9:00am

Afflatus for sale


THE DAILY WORDBreakfastaffairs
Afflatus \uh-FLAY-tuhs\, noun:
A divine imparting of knowledge; inspiration.

USAGE EXAMPLE: Bobble Tiki doesn’t like to brag about it, but he posseses (what he likes to call) a divine spiritual afflatus. He bought it for $12.99 at Top Foods, and it’s served him well over the years.


TACOMA:  Pondering a vehicle tax

OLYMPIA: Say Hey Olympia

SEATTLE: More on the treehouse dude

UNITED STATES: Cheap Chinese products will be history

MUSIC LISTINGS: Here’s what’s happening

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April 9, 2008 at 9:26am

Juno nightclub to open Friday


The latest brave souls to open a club in downtown Tacoma have one thing that many of their now-deceased forerunners didn’t â€" a good plan and something for everyone. Named for the Roman hybrid goddess, Juno has plenty of variety worked into its weekly offerings â€" a mechanical bull, a monthly with DJ dAb and Omar, an industry insider Sunday, and maybe some guitar heroes. The former Garage spot at 933 Market St. will get off on a good foot this Friday, April 11, with local soca/dancehall/reggae darling Alex Duncan, with doors opening at 9 p.m. Cover is $10.

The masterminds behind Juno, collectively known as FFF Investments LLC, promise something for everyone. A tentative weekly lineup will include a Wednesday night slurry of activity, including Madden Football tournaments, Guitar Heroes and open mic in the lounge. Thursday night will be the night to dance, with plenty of retro dance cuts. Fridays will feature live music, and Saturdays will feature mechanical bull rides and retro rock sounds. This Saturday, April 11, will be Saturday Night Flights night, with a trip-to-Las-Vegas giveaway, Stoli girls, music for the masses, and rides on the mechanical bull.

FFF reps also promise a monthly produced in conjunction with www.myspace.com/oceangrooves">Ocean Grooves pioneer Calvin Murphy, DJ dAb and Omar. Finally, Sundays will be industry night. That means club owners, musicians and others actively engaged in Tacoma’s nightlife will have something to do on Sunday that isn’t completely depressing.

Variety seems to be Juno’s defining feature â€" a wise move in Tacoma’s volatile club environment. Owners say they want to present as many options as possible â€" a move often used by wise business owners to stay alive. The atmosphere will be relatively mellow, say company reps, with a vibe that will be equal parts club and restaurant. Owners give props to the Swiss and Jazzbones, and hope to achieve the same institutional status within the year. For more information, look for ClubJuno.com in May. In the meantime, check out Juno on MySpace.

Opening night
Friday’s opening night will fill the massive venue with the smooth sounds of Alex Duncan, who’s been putting it down for more than a decade. Originally from the Island of St. Kitts, Duncan was lead vocalist for Seattle ensemble Jumbalassy, and has taken home awards for Best World/Ethnic band and Best World/Ethnic album. He counts Bob Marley, New Edition and Buju Banton among his influences, and it shows. With an average of 200 live performances a year, Duncan and Jambalassy were recognized by USA Today as one of Seattle's six most "active and unique ensembles."

Duncan has since gone solo, releasing his solo debut Say A Little Prayer in 1997, and a long-awaited follow up EP in 2006 titled Midnight. Duncan has shared the stage with Ziggy Marly, Jimmy Cliff, Burning Spear, Buju Banton, Beenie Man, Eek-a-Mouse, David Rudder, Byron Lee and the Dragonaires, Arrow, and Inner Circle.

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April 9, 2008 at 10:14am

Broken News: Cookies!


Corinacookiesatsatellite For urgent, high priority, broken Tacoma news, you can count on Steph DeRosa to bring it to you.

Today while picking up my brand spankin' new French press and a few gift cards from Pat Brown at Satellite Coffee, he informed me of a recent addition to the shop: Corina Bakery cookies!  That's right folks, the people at Corina have some new help, and are diggin' into expansion via local coffee shop-done-good.

Brown has also informed me that if this good weather we are having today continues, there is a possibility he will begin serving coffee in a G-string.  Further discussion will be had soon regarding the type of music to be played, and how big his tip jar will be.

Add this to the 164 (and counting) reasons I already love Tacoma.

And for those of you who didn't think I could count that high, bite me.

April 9, 2008 at 3:40pm

Poisonous Times


In this week’s edition of Rock Rhetoric I spoke to Craig Extine, leader of Olympia’s Old Haunts. The Old Haunts released their third full length on Kill Rock Stars yesterday, an album called Poisonous Times. They’ll be playing a CD release show in Olympia this weekend, though it’s a house party so you won’t find any more details about it here. What you will find in tomorrow’s Weekly Volcano is a few choice quotes from Extine. Here is the complete transcription of my interview with the yowling garage punk frontman.

Weekly Volcano: Let’s start by talking about Poisonous Times. When is the record’s official release date? Are you pleased with how it turned out? What can fans expect from it?
Craig Extine: The release date for Poisonous Times is April 8.  We’re really happy with how it turned out.  The production came out awesome and we’re proud of the songs.  The most blatant difference someone might notice right away is that there’s a few quieter songs mixed in.    

WV: Did you have a goal in mind when you started the record? Was it achieved?
Extine: Just to capture the songs as best as possible.  We tried and it felt good while we were doing it.  Some of the songs turned out better than I expected them too.

WV: What growth has occurred within the band since Fuel on Fire? (The band's previous release.)
Extine: Tobi Vail joined the band on drums a year ago.  It’s a different group of people playing, so there’s a different sense of communication between the instruments going on   I think in addition to her being an amazing drummer, the three of us had an opportunity to change up the band a little and refine our style.

WV: The record will be your third on Kill Rock Stars. What is the working relationship like with KRS and why is KRS the label for you?
Extine: We have known the people at KRS for a long time.  Maggie Vail is our main person there.  She’s been really supportive and helpful since before we put out a record with them.  Tobi has worked at KRS for years.  That label has put out soooo many amazing records.  Lots of our friends have released albums with them.

WV: There’s a line in your Myspace bio that says: “Keeping the torch lit on the vibe and sound coming from the scene that they are so deeply a part of.” Describe what you mean here. How is Oly part of you and how are the Old Haunts part of Oly? Could the band exist somewhere else?
Extine: I think that’s from the press release, which we didn’t write.  This band has existed for 7 years, which is pretty crazy.  We’re deeply a part of the town in how we interact as individuals with the rest of the community much more so than as a band.  We’ve all lived here a long time and have always been really active in music as well as everything else.Old_haunts2

WV: You’re embarking on a US tour. Do you enjoy touring? What’s the experience like for you guys? Smelly van and sleeping on couches, or a step up from that?
Extine: Touring in this band is really fun.  We like to play in interesting situations.  We try to keep the van clean.  It’s definitely small.  From what I’ve heard, I’m one of the main contributors to the smell, so it’s never bothered me.  We usually take turns with who gets the couch.  We end up staying with friends a lot or hospitable people we just met.  Sometimes we’ll get a hotel room.

WV: How do you approach live shows? Is it all about the tunes, or do you put a lot of effort into showmanship?
Extine: I don’t think we give any thought to showmanship.  The overall energy we’re feeling is the most important thing.  Playing good and really feeling it are where it’s at for me.

WV: Do you prefer playing live over recording in the studio, or are they different beasts all together?
Extine: They’re pretty different.  I like some of the spontaneity that comes out in recording.  We always record a couple songs that we might not play out.  That aspect of recording is fun.  Playing live is where the soul of the band is though.  Hopefully the recordings capture that.  On this last album, we started recording one day after we got back from tour.  Tour is kinda crazy so we came into the studio without much anxiety.  I think it helped.

WV: You’re playing with New Bloods and Gun Outfit at your CD release show in Oly. How did this lineup come about and what are your thoughts on it?  What kind of evening are you expecting?
Extine: The New Bloods have an album coming out on Kill Rock Stars the same day as ours does.  They’re our friends from Portland and we’ve played with them a bunch.  We’re playing at a release party with them in Portland the following weekend.  Gun Outfit is a new band from Olympia that’s really awesome.  They’re nice people too.  The show should be a fun evening with good friends, good music and good times.  It’s also a birthday party for Michelle Noel and Isaac Overcast. 

WV: When you’re on tour, what will you miss most about Oly?
Extine: My special friend!  I always get excited returning to the town itself too. It’s my home.  Traveling around the country makes me more aware of the how unique all the trees and mountains are.  I dig all that stuff. 

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