Saturday Spiff

By weeklyvolcano on March 1, 2008

Spiffredlineone3108 Love your jeans
Finding that perfect fitting jean is like finding your soul mate and its death till you part. To increase the life span of your beloved jeans there are a few things you can do.

Spiffredlinetwo3108 One nemesis is the torturous chamber within the washing machine. Doing laundry is rarely fun, so put it off more! The less you wash them the longer they survive. Turn them inside out, use regular liquid detergent, and the temperature no higher than warm. Stretch denim begs to be thrown in the dryer after almost every wear which decreases the elasticity. Instead, hang them for 45 minutes before tossing them into the dryer on high heat to finish. For rigid denim hanging is best so they keep your bodies original shape.

Hemming keeps them from getting destroyed and looks better. Wash and dry them (in the dryer) before taking them to get altered.

If a hole appears, don't wait for it to become to huge gash, fix it quick with an iron heat patch or drop them off to a tailor.

Fun, sexy jeans, like People's Liberation, can be found at Red Line on Sixth Avenue.

So love them right and Long Live your Jeans. â€" Alexandra DeLong

Glenna’s Clothing
Fashion reviewers called the style choices of most of the female nominees and attendees of this year’s Academy Awards safe. I call them boring. These broads have access to the most crazed and genius designers the world over who continuously turn out dazzling creations that flatter any figure, and yet, some of them actually picked brown as the color for their big walk on the red carpet.


Interesting color choices were worn by actresses Nancy O'Dell, who managed to bring out the glitz in a grey, skin-skimming, décolletage-baring, lace-embellished dress, and Kelly Preston in a bust-enhancing, draped, fall leaf orange, strapless gown of Grecian influence. The only gown of real note was the flaming red, definite haute couture elegance designed by John Galliano. The silk taffeta worn by Heidi Klum held so much old Hollywood high drama that all other designs simply faded away. And while the intense red was carried well by Klum’s strong, mature beauty, young, fragile-looking Anne Hathaway seemed overwhelmed by the very crimson dress she wore. Follow Klum’s example. Get some va va voom â€" like the rest of these high-dollar earning ladies should have â€" at Glenna’s Clothing in downtown Tacoma. Glenna’s Broadway boutique shop specializes in stunning vintage couture, retro finds and gowns galore.

Don’t forget the shoes â€" rounded toe, pointy toe, open toe, sandal (no toe) â€" and accessories, sparkly jewelry, and divine hats to boot. â€" Jennifer Johnson