Tasting Tacoma's new Indochine

By weeklyvolcano on November 2, 2007

TDriving the wee one to school we drove by Indochine at 4612 N. Pearl St., as we do every day, and I saw the Grand Opening banner.

My heart sang.

Driving home from school brilliance struck, and I asked the significant one if we could give the new restaurant a try.

Opening night at any establishment can be a bit rough, and we had a few of our own little issues â€" a wobbly table, forgotten tea order, slow check â€" but the food more than made up for any glitches encountered in the evening, and the warm reception we received from co-owner Hong Ngove made me feel as warm and cozy as the intimate interior.

I noted her congeniality extended to more than a few diners, who seemed to make a special trek out to the opening to support the Ngove and Sean Yean in their newest business venture, and received broad smiles and hugs as they were greeted.

As for our food, satays made up our dinner order; my curried chicken satay was divinity on a stick, with the peanut sauce, coconutty-licious curry coating the perfectly cooked white meat, and petite side dish of sweet and savory cucumber and pepper melding together in my mouth in the happiest of manners.  Significant one assured me his satayâ€"chicken, too; I’m not sure but I think it was lemongrass â€" was good, but tried to stab me with a skewer when I went to test a bite â€" while the wee one was eating up spoonfuls of jasmine rice even after she claimed “full.”
Crisp-fried vegetarian spring rolls were served with a sweet and spicy sauce that made me want to drink it by the gallon, and the whole evening seemed reasonably priced at under $35.

The best part of the evening was driving awayâ€"though we could have walkedâ€"and seeing a building full of light, with a full parking lot.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Indochine on Pearl. â€" Jessica Corey-Butler