Tacoma Art at Work brochure available online

By weeklyvolcano on September 27, 2007

Artatwork2007 How about something that’s always reminded me of the importance of simply enjoying life: the Arts. You know, poetry, theater, needle point.

Look around and you’ll see people who can serve as a source of inspiration in your quest to enjoy more of the arts.

There’s that gal you know who’s always learning a new instrument or tracing her hand for Thanksgiving invitations.

There’s that guy you know who transforms his laundry lint into works of art, manipulating every fiber to express his different moods, emotions and personal experiences.

Then there’s you.  You need help.  You need Art at Work Month.  Yes, you do.

Tacoma Art Commission’s sixth annual Art at Work Month â€" November 2007 mind you â€" is in stone with a brochure sitting right here. It contains a calendar of events, listing of art exhibits as well as classes and workshops, information about the two-day Arts Symposium, Art Slam at the Rialto Theater, index of exhibits, studio tours, and on and on. It’s 30 days chocked full of arts in Tacoma.

The brochure will also be scattered about smartly throughout Tacoma.

A nifty poster by Art Chantry sits inside the little treasure, too.

The world is filled with people who do interesting stuff. Why not check them out for inspiration. â€" Suzy Stump