Breakfast With Bobble Tiki

By weeklyvolcano on February 29, 2008



Slugabed \SLUHG-uh-bed\, noun:
One who stays in bed until a late hour; a sluggard.

USAGE EXAMPLE: Weekly Volcano Music Columnist Matt Driscoll may, perhaps, be the most dedicated slugabed Bobble Tiki has ever met. Somehow, through marriage and the birth of his first child, Driscoll has managed to sleep into a.m.’s double digits seventy-five percent of the time. While many people disapprove of Driscoll’s late sleeping ways (just apparently not his wife), Bobble Tiki admires his perseverance. Most people would grow up and stop being lazy. Not Driscoll. He’s a fighter.

MORNING NEWSBreakfaststarbucks111307

SEATTLE: Cops will kick your ass

TACOMA: Free full-day kindergarten

OLYMPIA:Panhandler crackdown

WORLD: Harry's cover blown

You can stand atop the mountain and scream your naked desires to the universe or shed that synapse epilepsy and hug the South Sound today with your fellow man:

MUSIC: Bobble Tiki’s not a psychic, but he does have ESPN. Bobble Tiki predicts two shows will challenge you tonight, making it difficult to decide which to attend. Bobble Tiki predicts ">Girl Trouble, Guns and Rossetti, and the ">Freakouts will tear up Club SOTA tonight, and ‘90s powerhouse Floater will unleash a bit of grunge on Hell’s Kitchen. Which show you attend is up to you.

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REAL STORY: Evergreen riot
FORUMS: Check ‘em out

When Bobble Tiki listened to Mahjongg, who released Kontab on Feb. 22, their latest record and first on K, he felt like he had a grasp on where these guys were coming from. Their influences are across the board, delving into afro beat as much as electronica and distortion, but their songs remain digestible and almost catchy at times. Bobble Tiki felt like he’d found a band in Mahjongg (named after an ancient Chinese game of strategy and luck) that he understood. Bobble Tiki knew they were arty, but he didn’t feel alienated

Breakfast with Bobble Tiki runs six days a week now. Deal with it.