Battle of the Air Bands update

By weeklyvolcano on September 19, 2007

When the Weekly Volcano heard about the air band competition at Cans this Saturday it so had our name on it. After all, we know a little something about rocking out, and as our weekly masthead attests â€" “We have solid dance moves, too.” If the Weekly Volcano formed an air band we would win hands down. It wouldn’t even be fair to the other competitors. So instead of receiving jealous stares and hate mail for the next three weeks, we decided to step aside. Instead, we give way for the PR Biddy for the City, Roxanne Murphy, to be one of the three judges for the competition Saturday, Sept. 22 at Cans. The other two celebrity judges are a tightly held secret.

We also asked local guitarist Matt Coughlin for his opinion on a winning air guitar style for Saturday's competition.

"A good stance is very important," explains Coughlin. "You don't want to be off kilter when you rock those windmills or go thrashing around on a solo. So get your feet wide and keep your knees loose."

Nice. â€" Angela Jossy