Vodka Thursday at El Gaucho

By weeklyvolcano on June 5, 2007

On last Thursday’s trip to El Gaucho’s Havana Room, the now smokeless cigar lounge, legendary Tacoma mixologist Mr. Jones and I partook in Vodka Thursday. For those that don’t know, many establishments have theme nights showcasing new liquors, beers or wines. Vodka Thursday was just such an occasion. Liquor rep Liz Frame (Future Brands) was all too happy to sample us on an Absolut Pear cocktail (sounds like a chick drink, right?). Mixed with champagne and pineapple juice, the Pear Tini was light and refreshing, making it a perfect choice as we head into warmer weather.

Another rep had Ketel One Citron, which chases a fresh Hood Canal oyster on the half shell mighty fine, and Effen vodka, one of the smoothest I’ve ever run across (fitting since “effen” is Swedish for “smooth”). Effen makes an easy martini more so with blue cheese stuffed olives sitting lazily in the bottom of the glass.

El Gaucho offered a naughty spread of diablo beef, wicked shrimp, caper steak tartar, those oysters I mentioned, and pretty decent caviar; all complimented by the vodka variety.

By the way, El Gaucho offers 27 martini concoctions including the Dirty Girl Scout, the Bling-Bling, and the Ultimate Sidecar. â€" Brad Allen

[El Gaucho, 2119 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, 253.272.1510]