Cinco de Masa

By weeklyvolcano on May 6, 2007

Masablog I had to pre-funk the cinco on quarto de Mayo to check out the Masa festivities, and found myself sipping a divine caddy marg, nibbling chips with quite possibly the tastiest, chunkiest guac, ever, in addition to a crema fresca laden bean dip that rocked my world.

Going to Masa on Saturday, I opted for the Sangria (noting I was in for a long night, and noting, too, once tequila, keep tequila) and found myself running into a festively hot Natasha with a tan to kill for and flowers in her hair, Ole! (and her Betsy dress rocked the fiesta.)

Naturally, we got to chatting about Carmen, the beaches, and how good home feels (even after sand in your toes) and then checked out the deck.  Brrr, in early may with a brisk wind, but a decent crowd was already assembled with sunglasses and drinkie-poos.

I had a quick RockStar (apropos, as to the company I was keeping,) and darted off for derby, sad I couldn’t stay for the true heat of the conco action.

Can’t wait to see what Natasha has to say about what transpired after I left. â€" Jessica Corey-Butler