New Year's Eve in Tacoma

By weeklyvolcano on January 1, 2007

The significant one and I decided on a date-night New Year's Eve, just the two of us in varied intimate settings.  He and I have vastly different philosophies governing the institution of New Year's Eve¬" while I believe it's a magical place to start fresh, he believes any date can be that magical place, so long as your mind is set to it.  As a classic extrovert, I gain energy and happiness from a vast group of friends; he's more the hang with only a select close few's type.  So we went through the evening in a sort of compromise: he agreed to help me celebrate out, I agreed to keep my focus on us.

Wanting a quick appetizer, we tried Indochine, which was closed.  Since we were on Pacific Avenue, we headed toward 21 Commerce.  They, too, were closed until 9 p.m. due to a private party that appeared to fill two tables.  Finally, we found two seats by the bar at El Gaucho.  I felt under dressed compare to all the rhinestones and gowns in the dark and chi chi setting of the New York-style steakhouse.

Even still, I managed to choke down two two lovely glasses of Merlot and some gorgeous pan-fried oysters before we were off to our next destination, The Monsoon Room.  The Boom Boom Room suited my nicely with its lightly-ginned juiciness; by that point the intimacy turned stifling to the significant one, so we headed over to our friends house and decided, after much deliberation, to head closer to home.

Nyeattheunicorn Sticking with the gin theme, I enjoyed two potent Tanqueray and tonics at the Unicorn Sports Bar (pictured), while the rest of our party enjoyed Bud Light; we were gently urged (ââ?¬Å?all right you motherf@#%ers, get over here and letââ?¬â?¢s bring in the New Year!ââ?¬Â?) to enjoy our champagne toasts with the group. We did, and the New Year was rung in.

My fresh start included favorite places and favorite people, his included quiet intimacy on a day that was pretty much like any other.  We both won. ââ?¬" Jessica Corey-Butler