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September 11, 2006 at 10:45am

Puyallup Fair shots

Who goes to the Puyallup Fair, besides farmers and grandparents?
Well, put down your Cosmos and snap on some overalls, because the answer is... you.  Here's some snapshots to entice you. â€" Jessica Corey-Butler
Puyallupfairone Puyallupfairtwo Puyallupfairthree Puyallupfairfour

September 11, 2006 at 1:32pm

Comic book writer wins award

Seattle comic book writer Ed Brubaker just won the 2006 Harvey Award for "Best Writer" for his work on "Captain America." Brubaker and fellow comic book writer Michael Lark will stop by Tacoma's Comic Book Ink Saturday, Sept. 23 for a 3 p.m. signing. â€" Michael Swan

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September 11, 2006 at 2:47pm

Club Impact Battle of the Bands

While you were trying to figure out if drummer Meg White is going to give birth to Powder, Aspen and Never Looking Back won Club Impact's Battle of the Bands Round One.  Round Two will be held Saturday, Sept. 15 at 7 p.m., with the finals landing on Saturday, Sept. 23. â€" Brad Allen

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September 12, 2006 at 9:56am

Dave Navarro's band to open for Supernova

Besides commenting on Brooke Burke's outfits during "Rock Star: Supernova," guitarist Dave Navarro also fronts the band The Panic Channel featuring drummer Stephen Perkins, bassist Chris Chaney and lead singer Steve Isaacs.  The Panic Channel announced it will join Supernova on tour including a stop at the Everett Events Center Feb. 18. Tickets for the tour are available for purchase now "Rock Star: Supernova" or Live Nation.

Supernova's lead singer will be picked Sept. 13 night on CBS. â€" Brad Allen

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September 12, 2006 at 5:40pm

Private concert with Angus

Guitarist Adrian Conner e-mailed me claiming she'll perform a private concert with her band the Sickness for me or anyone else living in Washington state.

Hello?  Are you nuts Adrian?

I have seen you and the other Hell's Belles perform your female version of AC/DC.  I have seen you channel guitarist Angus Young and completely consume the stage.  You freakin' rock, I'll give you that.  I'd love to climb into your dreads and swing like a wild banshee.

Thanks, but no thanks.  You'll not over my crap.   You are way to rock star for my household.

If anyone else is brave enough, contact Adrian here.  Starting bid is $300. â€" Brad Allen

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September 13, 2006 at 6:05pm

Airport Food

It’s not every day that I can say airport food tastes good.  Volare Café Italiano in the Olympia Airport Terminal redefines the experience of grabbing a bite before your flight â€" not that a lot of commercial flights leave this airport.  It was deserted on my visit.  The restaurant, however, is turning heads with its great take on Italian cuisine.  The spaghetti ragù was a delight â€" a large plate of thick noodles in a ragù sauce with chunks of beef, basil and Parmesan.  I’m going back to try one of the signature paninis and pretend I am waiting for a loved one to land.  Best thing is I didn’t see a TSA employee anywhere.  7022 Airport Terminal S.W., Tumwater, (360) 357-6997. â€" Jason de Paul

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September 13, 2006 at 6:40pm

All hail Storm

With tears in my eyes I reluctantly accepted Portland singer Storm Large’s defeat last week on “Rock Star: Supernova,” the CBS reality show dedicated to picking the singer for rock group Supernova, which happened tonight.  They picked that punk Lucas Rossi.

I wasn’t alone in that sentiment. It seemed that along with all of her fans who religiously voted for her, the entire cast (Dave Navarro, Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke, Jason Newsted, and all of the contestants) were sad to see her go. Song selection seemed to have been Storm’s only downfall because everyone who has seen her live knows that she can seriously bring it. Why some of those songs were even on the board is beyond me since they are very different stylistically from the band’s originals. Also, it seems that the boys wanted more of a heavy, raspy screamo voice for their songs. Could the reason for that be because they don’t want their cheesy lyrics to be understood? Another possible reason for her departure is that they understood that Storm’s over-the-top stage presence would steal focus from them. Overall it just seemed not to be a right fit for either of them. 

Tommy Lee, whom they call “The Tommyhawk” because he’s the one to make the announcement each week about who is going home, couldn’t bring himself to say those words to Storm. He had to defer to Jason Newsted to do the deed. But it’s all good. Dave Navarro said he’d love to play on her record, and the rest of the boys jumped right in to volunteer too, which is funny because the result would be the same as winning, except she’d be in the driver’s seat. Nice. How can you get better than that? Her parting words were classic Storm Large style. She said, “Tommy, I love you most for your big, huge heart.”

I will miss seeing her twice a week on television, but now that she’s off the hook for the Supernova gig, there is a clear path to international stardom for her as a solo artist, so we’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of her. I was frankly not that impressed with the Supernova material on the whole anyhow, and Storm’s single “Ladylike” is the bomb. I can’t seem to stop singing it. Lucky for me, it has just been made available on CD Baby for a measly $5!
Storm is still in Los Angeles doing an extensive media tour, which included another TV appearance on Sept. 11, this time on daytime television for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Can you imagine the conversation in the greenroom that day with Storm, Jessica Simpson and John Livingston (best known for his role as Jack Berger, Carrie’s boyfriend in the sixth season of “Sex and the City”)?

The contestant voted off of “Rock Star: Supernova” the week before Storm, Ryan Star, was approached after his last appearance on the show by show producer Mark Burnett, who said he wanted to help Star introduce his music to the world. At Burnett’s request, Star recorded a live album using the amazing “Rock Star: Supernova” house band. The album will be available for sale next week. This further proves that this year’s “Rock Star” contestants have been given ample opportunities to become international stars in their own right.

Though I’m sad to see this edition of “Rock Star” end tonight, rumor has it that all of the contestants next season will be female. Can you say “meow-fest!”?

Chicks who rock rule!

For those of you who can’t get enough Storm Large, you can listen to several Storm Large interviews with local DJ Lisa Wood for Garagemonkey. â€" Angela Jossy

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September 14, 2006 at 8:13am

Rang Dong the quiet is dead

South Sound metal stalwart XTRM Promotions has grab the Rang Dong Night Club for weekend metal and rock shows followed by DJs closing out the night.  They kick off their new venue with the musical stylings of Amber Norgaard this Friday and Saturday at 9 p.m.    

Rang Dong also offers Saturday college and NFL Sunday games on the tube served with breakfast and drink specials.

Rang Dong Night Club is at 2302 Harrison Ave. N.W. in West Olympia in front of Westside Lanes. Give them a buzz at (360) 357-4902. â€" Brad Allen

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September 14, 2006 at 8:53am

I Virgoed

Gingerknoxx_24 PERMANENT LIPSTICK by Ginger Knoxx
Virgos are unique people. And being one myself, I have learned from years of excess when to switch to water, when not to care that someone saw you puking, and when to make your exit. A year older, I say party hard when you're young. The older you are the more your bounce back ability simply turns into ouch.

Dipping into Stadium Thriftway for red meat to grill, I knew it was a full moon. The place was packed. People queued up with cases of beer clutched under their arms and harried looks in their eyes. It's Thursday. This is usually the picture on Friday, but boy, the moon tide wreaks havoc. Hollywood grabbed brews and headed for Rosati town. Ebony looked chic with her raven hair flowing around her. Rosewood Barry just looked ready to unwind. After a sumptuous meal at The Palace, The Italian and I must have been feeling the moon madness and ventured out for some excitement.

You've heard me go on and on about James Whiton and the crazy cool way he handles an upright bass, so I won't repeat myself, but I will brag on The Downtown Apostles' trumpet player John Fricke. First, his name sounds like freaky. Cool. Second, his playing gives me the chills - mesmerizing. Then there's this rad thing they do as a band: looping. Ah, an amazing technique that allows you to play along with yourself. Double rad. Hearing these guys in Jazzbones' funky Bourbon Street jazz bar atmosphere is always a plus. The Hustler Girls came by, which would have livened it up if they'd stayed longer. But no.

We had a nice little Virgo bash at a friend's house with favorites The Downtown Apostles playing in the yard. The Italian, Big Man, Hogbot Jim, Burly, Bender and Hume held the keg down. Film Club John brought me a fabulous Malbec red. High school friend Burly brought the Jäger. We slugged it back together. Miss Lapping crafted adorable ceramic creatures for each Virgo, and we took turns snapping glow-in-the-dark necklaces and bracelets on each other. Ebony brought her sweet friend Chey, and Lovely Lisa showed up after dark with Daniel Blue and his entourage just in time for me to lose the remaining composure I'd been clutching. I was borderline sober until my parents left. Then it was on like "Donkey Kong."

Tipping the jumbo bottle of sake straight up to my lips, I said buh-bye to coherency, after which I politely forced said sake on everyone not bold enough to say no. Shoot, that sake was made by the first female sake master in the United States. It was good and cool and mellow. Solo puke party in the street followed. Lovely, I know, but this tipsy chick did manage to avoid sleeping in the bushes by creeping to a quiet room and flopping down like a rolled rug with a dead body in it. Attempts at rousing me did not register. I hear I looked serene in my Jäger/sake induced slumber. By the feel of the earthmover lumbering around my brain come morning, I testify that the aforementioned combo of alcoholic substances should never, I repeat, NEVER be ingested simultaneously. Thank gawd I passed out before the cops showed up, or I might have treated them to a big friendly lip smack like I did to poor Teddy (sorry man). Our Bloody Mary breakfast at 9 a.m. was something else. Twelve of us rolled into Burs stinking like last night and talking too loud about topics we should have left outside. Katie B thinks we actually drove some people off. Our fiftyish waitress was rockin' sparkly tan nylons to which Houston quipped, "I'll bet she gets pacemakers going with those." Yee, that's creepy, but Viagra's easier had than cigarettes. He's probably right.

They've been on Funky Monkey's "Raizin Radio" show. Their song "In Life" was the 420 hit of the day. What's their sound? Intense Rage Against The Machine style rap rock. If you want to throw a core in there somewhere for band Idlemine, go ahead. I'm sick to death of the term core. Give me a break. If you want to listen to some hot, testosterone fueled, drum heavy mayhem, go catch Idlemine as part of Maggie O'Toole's Battle of the Bands show before they cram in a van and head off on a West Coast tour.  Maggie's Battle of the Bands will feature Filthy, Black Top Demon plus cash prizes. Tuesday, Sept. 19, 9 p.m., no cover, Maggie O'Toole's, 6006 100th St. S.W., Lakewood.

Give me a wink and a kiss here. Knoxx knows.

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September 14, 2006 at 9:07am

Tacoma's best mojito

Natasha_36SCENE OF THE CRIME by Natasha
For the last three years I've secretly been holding a competition in this fair city called Tacoma.
I've been searching, yearning and longing for the best mojito EVER.
It's interesting how this drink has taken center stage in recent years. It's flashy and fashionable, and as your nightlife correspondent, I can certify why.
The traditional mojito is a mix of mint, rum, powdered sugar, lime juice and club soda. The taste is 100 percent exquisite, but most things from Cuba are.
They're a complete pain in the ass for bartenders to make, but it was Ernest Hemingway's favorite drink, and thus, it must be mine.
My wonderful cousin Chris got married in Aspen, and he had a mojito fountain at the reception. Whoa.  Alan from the Swiss makes really good ones when he has parties (the Swiss doesn't carry mint).
But when I'm not in Aspen or at Alan's, where's a girl to turn?
Well, quite factually, the best mojito EVER hails from a place that you and I have been hearing a lot about lately.
Drum roll, please: The Monsoon Room!
JC, that s@#% is good, but to find out what's in it you'll have to hop on over there.
Monsoon is considering creating a recipe book because they've got it like that, so I can't tell you exactly how it's made, but I can say that it includes two different kinds of rum and an elegant slice of Italy - Liquore Strega.
However, you must be forewarned that supplies are limited. The Monsoon is so fun that it will host an equinox party on Sept. 23 where the drink menu will change. The summer bevs will be tucked away for the season, and Monsoon will pedal into fall.
So, in case you miss it and can't wait for the mojito to reappear at Monsoon in the spring, here are some other places that shake 'em just right, making the close second list:
Stanley & Seafort's: This place is especially dangerous because I can walk there from my house. Stanley & Seafort's standard mojito is incredible, but I highly recommend that you try the raspberry one. The restaurant has pomegranate and blood orange mojitos, too.
The Sheraton Tacoma's Vertigo Lounge: The mojitos appear at your table in a fish bowl of a glass, and they're delicious.
21 Commerce: Or, what I like to call 21 Jump Street. If I'm not busy sashaying with 21's Pink Cadillac, the mojitos there are just as fine. Are any of 21's drinks bad?
Indochine: I think the mojito might have been even better there because I had a crush on the bartender.
So, my glamorous readers, give me mint, or give me death!

The Monsoon Room,1022 S. J St., Hilltop Tacoma, (253) 722-5075 
Stanley & Seafort's, 115 E. 34th, Tacoma, (253) 473-7300 
Vertigo Lounge, 1320 Broadway Plaza, 26th floor of the Sheraton Tacoma Hotel,  downtown Tacoma, (253) 591-4155.                   
21 Commerce, 21st and Commerce St., downtown Tacoma, (253) 272-6278

Tell me where you like to party here.

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