Chef swapping â€" oh, my

By weeklyvolcano on August 1, 2006

Guest bartenders were once all the rage. That was so 2001.
Tacoma’s inventive North End business heads have dreamed up the first ever Proctor Chef Swap to stay ahead of trends and possibly start some themselves. The Chef Swap involves chefs from four of the Proctor District’s eateries collaborating on a kitschy, fun weekly cuisine event by creating one of their own signature dishes.
Here’s the kitsch: the chefs are doing it in each other’s kitchens which can be like attempting to walk through a stranger’s home blindfolded or an enchanting voyage through a new space full of taste and sound. We’re betting on the latter.
Tonight Chef Alfredo from Europa Bistro took Chef Matt’s place at Pour At Four. Tuesday, Aug. 8, Old House Café will share its’ secret weapon, Chef Mark, to prepare shrimp and crab cakes with divine dill caper sauce at the comfy North 26th Street wine bar/eatery served with a perfect pairing of both a white and red wine which just might be one of August’s featured regional Italian wines.
Brand new in the neighborhood, Babblin' Babs, a self-proclaimed unique urban eatery sends Chef William to Europa Bistro.
Every week is different. Tuesday was never so much fun (6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. throughout the month of August). â€" Jennifer Johnson