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August 6, 2006 at 11:20am

Graffiti As Art Tacoma consensus

Charles “Kelly” Creso, director at the Sixth Avenue Art Gallery, posted a message on the Tacoma  Arts listserve a week ago asking if the graffiti on the side of his building was art.  The results are in. â€" Suzy Stump

From Tacoma Arts listserv:
After receiving input from approximately 80 emails, the consensus was clear. The existing “Graffiti As Art” was marginal at best.
A great many of you suggested that I contact a local arts group known as the FAB-5 and give them an opportunity to express their creativity - their ability to produce something of superior artistic merit.
I have take that advice.
It is my understanding that this group in not gang related and that they will produce a “Graffiti As Art” mural suitable for all ages. Work on the project begins today and will extend over the next week or so.
They have provided this statement:
Fab-5 is an initiative of the Northwest Leadership Foundation with a
mission to enhance the leadership and academic skills of the youth and
young adults in Pierce County, as well as, broaden Hip-Hop as a
positive medium of expression.  Fab-5 provides youth in Tacoma and
Pierce County with safe, drug and alcohol free events and education
I have met with two of the artists involved and was impressed by their backgrounds. One  received “ARTIST OF THE YEAR” recognition at Bellarmine (more than once) when he attended that fine school.
The Group Fab-5 and many of the artists affiliated with that group have their roots deeply embedded into the soul of Tacoma. They are artists that truly care about their craft and would like it to be recognized in a context other than vandalism.
You are invited to watch their work in progress at 2610-B Sixth Avenue, Tacoma.
I have no word yet as to whether they intend to dedicate this replacement work to the Tacoma City Council (the former was so dedicated). Inquiries for further background information should be sent to the group’s spokesperson, Eddie Sumlin at  www.fab-5.org, or write Eddie Sumlin.


Charles “Kelly” Creso
Director, Sixth Avenue Art Gallery
2610-B  Sixth Avenue, Tacoma

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August 7, 2006 at 8:02am


Kevin Freitas has reorganized his FeedTacoma blog.  Sounds cool.  Thanks for including us Kevin. â€" Suzy Stump

  • FeedTacoma reports: Today I'd like to announce the launch of the community supported and focused FeedTacoma.com. Along with a group of local blog contributors we've created a place to showcase local, independent voices on the web. We'll write about anything from a new small business opening, a neighborhood event, or a tasty restaurant to discussions about hot-button issues and city-wide public participation. Over the last few months we've been testing and tweaking to get just the right mix of content flowing into the site from our various blogs and are at a point now to let people at it. â€" Kevin Freitas
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August 7, 2006 at 2:11pm

Beach House beach party

Natasha_25 The Beach House at Purdy will host their second beach party from 4 p.m. until God knows when on Aug. 22. Seventy-five people have already RSVPd, and if the second one is even close to as fun as the first, the Beach House will officially enter rock star status. For $20, plus a 15 percent service change to take care of their amazing staff, you'll receive two drinks and tasty appetizers from 4 to 8 p.m.  Swimsuits are optional, thongs ... your call, must be of legal age to attend, silly hats are encouraged, no speedos. I've heard that some are considering picketing that last ruling, naturally, in speedos.  Call (253) 858-9900 right away to get in on the fun, space is wicked limited. I just requested the following day off work so I won't have to go home early this time. I'm pretty sure that's both a threat and a promise. I hope to see you there. â€" Natasha

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August 7, 2006 at 9:41pm

Two Ton Boa CD release

Two Ton Boa songwriter/bassist/vocalist Sherry Fraser has emerged from her hiatus, gathered all the original band members and will release the full-length album, Parasiticide, on Olympia's Kill Rock Stars label. â€" Brad Allen

  • Fanatic Promotions reports: Over the past six years, Two Ton Boa toured the country with acts like L7 and Blonde Redhead, and released a couple of compilation tracks and a seven-inch single. However, the band's rapt cult following of fans, artists and critics eagerly awaited new material. Finally, in early 2006, Fraser re-emerged from self-imposed exile and completed recording with the original line-up of bassist Brian Sparhawk (also of Fitz of Depression) and drummer Dan Rieser. Pianist/organist Scott Seckington (also of The Old Haunts) joined the band just prior to the new recording. Full story here.

Get ready. Fraser's funhouse is coming back to town.

Two Ton Boa On Tour:
09/05 Portland, OR Dante's
09/09 Bellingham, WA Chiribin's
09/12 Olympia, WA Capitol Theatre Backstage â€" TTB CD Release Show w/Thrones, Nudity
10/06 San Francisco, CA Hemlock w/ Thrones
10/07 Oakland, CA Uptown w/ Thrones, Year Long Disaster
10/08 Long Beach, CA LB Warehouse w/ Thrones
10/21 Durham, NC Troika Festival (TTB Headlines) w/ Mountain Goats, etc
10/31 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle

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August 8, 2006 at 7:54am

Tacoma Actors Guild new season

While you were listening to Britney "Einstein" Spears discuss time travel, Tacoma Actor's Guild announced its 2006-07 season.  Here's the plan:

  • "Moon Over Buffalo" by Ken Ludwig, Sept. 28-Oct. 15
  • "Ya Got Trouble" by Bob DeDea and Mark Sparks, Nov. 2-19
  • "The Trial of Ebeneezer Scrooge" by Mark Brown, Nov. 20 â€" Dec. 17
  • "Proof" by David Auburn, Feb. 15-March 4
  • "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare, March 29-April 15

Tickets for Tacoma Actors Guild plays are available at the box office located at 915 Broadway in downtown Tacoma or by calling (253) 272.2145. Season subscriptions are $120 and single tickets are just $28 with discounts for students and seniors. Information is available by calling or visiting their Web site. â€" Suzy Stump

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August 8, 2006 at 8:14am

Woofstock review

Woofstock2006 Samantha Miller of All-Breed Rescue with high-styin' Sebastian. Photo by Jessica Corey-Butler

Tank loves his Wubba from Lucky Dog Outfitters best.  No, he loves his fleece rope from Sophie’s Touch.  No, he loves the squeaking grizzly bear from Urban Dogs.  No, really, what he really really REALLY loves is his ball, the blue rubber freebie I received from the Wag booth at Woofstock Saturday at Tacoma's Cheney Stadium. 
Bill loves his squeak-burping bird, the one that looks like a pheasant, perhaps because Bill is a bird-dog whose hunting days ended before they could really begin.  Hip dysplasia hit him as a puppy, but we wouldn’t return him to the breeder, as we didn’t want him to be potentially destroyed. That makes the whole no-kill mission statement of Woofstock a cause close to my own heart and home.
Woofstock meant Christmas for the puppies at my house, and it meant a world of dog-cessories opened up before my eyes.  Granted, I knew about things like Kongs and Everlasting Treat Balls and pet-boutiques even before going to the Dugan Foundation event on Aug. 5, and I even had heard tales of some of the more out-there things people did for their dogs. I’m sure I can be accused of doing some out there things (I was going to write a Kong Cookbook at one point, arranged for a Reiki “bridge” when my male greyhound was terminal with lymphoma, and worked on my own “submissive postures” to help my female greyhound with her low self esteem.)
At Woofstock, I met and observed people who are even more extreme than I am. There’s Tracy Ann, animal communicator, who will prepare numerology charts for you and your pets.  There are the folks at Uneek (100 percent organic dog treats), and there’s Karen James-Schiro of Soulful Tails Holistic Grooming and specialty day care, both of whom are committed to giving dogs the same kinds of healthy holistic options humans have.  There are Julia Russell and Carolyn Schneider, both amazing photographers who capture great canine (and feline, and equine, and even human) moments. There’s Deb Rosen, dog trainer extraordinaire who is possibly the second loudest animal activist I know, next to Jim Dugan.
Dugan’s enthusiasm shone through when he spoke with me.  He was stoked that a first-event had such a good turnout (about 650 people showed up before three, when we spoke.) At that point, more than 20 animals had received homes, among which were a horse and a dog named Odin, who was adopted as a service dog.  Forty business merchants showed their wares, two shelters brought pets, and 10 bands played.
Bill and Tank were the happiest of all, that day, as their toy box attests, and I was just happy to have my consumption of goods going to a great cause. â€" Jessica Corey-Butler

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August 8, 2006 at 8:58am

A pregnant pause on Pac Ave

Pacaveblog3 There's something happening at the north end of Tacoma's Pacific Avenue.  I walked the stretch between 9th and 7th and discovered a sort of pregnant feeling going on. 
There's the soon to open Pita Pit, and the new Body Evolution Spa. 
Through Friday, Aug. 11, Ever After is having a huge sidewalk sale, with cool stuff and prices slashed.  I mean really, really slashed.  Check out the great grab bags for a buck â€" My daughter totally loved hers.
The main signs of new life are in the spaces on the corner of 8th Street where the new Matador restaurant will open.  Also, in the middle of 9th, where a Paddy Coynes will soon serve Irish fare.
Walking through the sawdust of what will be the new Matador, I saw signs of progress, between piles of lumber waiting to be wall studs, and boxes of other building supplies. 
Builder Brian Okroy, who has worked with Matador owners Zak Malang and Nate Opper for the West Seattle and Ballard locations, talks about the style of the building.
“It's kind of urban retro," he says.  "There'll be a lot of ornate metalwork, a really nice fireplace, a lot of cherry.  The owners do their research, we know the people are here (in Tacoma). We're really excited about the build-out.”
Oct. 1 is the anticipated arrival date of the Matador, and it might be just the thing that sets the area up to be the new 6th Avenue.
Also on Pac Avenue, there are the existing lunch and beverage anchors Meconi's and Vin Grotto, and Indian food at India Mahal.  There's long-time tenant The Learning Sprout where, on the first Saturday of every month, kids 3-12 can take part in art and craft activities.
“There's always something interesting going on!” says proprietor Rose Colvin.
How does Colvin feel about the current pregnant feeling in the air?
“I've been here since 1997," she says.  "I've watched it grow and change and it's really awesome."  “I see this area as being like Belltown (in Seattle)”
Andy Kenser, tending bar at Meconi's, and Dave Meconi agree with that assessment. 
“On the development side of things, it's all good,” says Meconi. â€" Jessica Corey-Butler

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August 8, 2006 at 6:52pm

Jazzbones to give child music instrument

I don’t blame you, really. I wouldn’t want to wear the same dirty left sock every softball game I played or have to carry around a pocket Buddha just to rub its belly every time I felt I needed a little extra good fortune either. It’s OK, don’t panic. You can get your luck elsewhere.
That Ed guy from television knows something.
Need some good karma?
Give your kid that instrument he or she has been wanting for years.
Wednesday, Aug. 9, during www.myspace.com/randyoxford">Randy Oxford's Blues Theater Jam at Jazzbones, the Weekly Volcano and Jazzbones will give a free acoustic guitar, trombone and violin to a child.
Does your child want one of those instruments listed?
Call Tommy Carson at the Weekly Volcano World Headquarters.  His number is (253) 584-1212.  If the instrument is still available, Carson will instruct you to arrive at Jazzbones just before 8 p.m. tomorrow and enjoy free dinner and drinks on Jazzbones. 
Then kiss Jazzbones owner Jason.  I have.
Your child will not only cherish the new instrument but enjoy Oxford's blues jam as many children jump up on stage and perform with the award-winning trombonist.
Best part of the night?  Besides the kiss, your child will received free music lessons and mentoring.
Wednesday, Aug. 9, 8 p.m., all ages until 11 p.m., Jazzbones, 2803 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, (253) 396-9169. â€" Suzy Stump

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August 9, 2006 at 11:42am

Taboo nightclub renovation

Jon Tartaglia, the man behind The Loft and 21 Commerce, plans to re-name and renovate his Taboo nightclub.  He's even hired a fancy local ad agency to help. â€" Brad Allen

Tacoma's JayRay Advertising Agency reports:  Jon Tartaglia of Emerging Market Development announces a new project â€" revamping Taboo into an entirely new restaurant and bar.
"We're going to remodel the whole place," Tartaglia says of the venue at the corner of 9th and A Street (in Tacoma). "Give it a new name, move comedy upstairs and turn the main floor into a bar and grill. It's going to be a casual space. Really, something for everyone â€" a place to kick-back after work."
As part of their ongoing strategy to grow their business and invest in downtown, Tartaglia announced last week that Emerging Market Development sold the Loft and 21 Commerce to Mars Unlimited, Inc., of Lakewood. Tartaglia says that he and his partners weren't actively seeking to sell, but when approached it was an offer they couldn't pass up.
"This gives us the opportunity we were looking for to put all of our energies into Varsity Grill and the project on 9th and A," he says.
"Part of our business philosophy is to lead development efforts and take risks with niche bars and restaurants. We want to launch businesses and make sure they're sustainable. And we're always thinking what's next â€" how can we continue the cycle of building new businesses?"
Tartaglia plans on opening the new bar and grill in October. This is good news for Tacoma. Emerging Market Development helped lead downtown's growth with the Loft and 21 Commerce anchoring the southern end of Pacific Avenue. The new space will add energy at the other end of the city center.
"I grew up in Tacoma and I want to be part of its revitalization," says Tartaglia. "The potential is so exciting."

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August 9, 2006 at 1:12pm

Chihuligans alert!

There may be more than one Eye-Patched One wandering the streets of downtown Tacoma  Saturday afternoon.  And you know artists: most of the time their good clean fun contains just a scosche of satire. 
A convergence of creative jesting energy will form at Rampart Gallery Aug, 12 at noon (think eight-twelve-twelve, and it'll stick) and then wander around Showcase Tacoma in downtown Tacoma. 
A couple of groups of artists have been steadily creating eye patches and faux-hair for the event, which could be a way of showing T-Town that there's more to the local art scene than just a specific glass blower named Dale Chihuly.  Or it could be homage to the man who was instrumental in putting Tacoma on the map, artistically.  Possibly, it could be an organized way of throwing a little disorganization in the faces of the formal organizing forces behind the Chihuly In Tacoma shindig. Or it could just be some goofy fun at the expense of the community who's taken the whole Arrival-Of-Dale thing so darn seriously.
I don't know exactly what to think.  You can decide for yourself, Saturday.  Be a part of the fun, or watch it happen, the choice is yours. â€" Jessica Corey-Butler

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