Sliding on the sand Sunday

By Natasha Gorbachev on July 20, 2006


Take your average, typical Sunday.

After the chaos and glory of Friday and Saturday nights, most of us get a case of the boo-hoos when we think about going back to work on Monday.

One of the best ways to get over the Sunday blues is to drink beer in the afternoon and into the early evening.

My hitching post of choice when these opportunities arise is none other than the Beach Tavern.

When I drink on Sundays, I always feel like I'm getting away with something, which is probably why having a Monday off is kind of risky for me.  But no matter what, you have to refer to it as Sunday Funday and always be committed to making the best of it.
You'll find that there are several people who feel the same way at the Beach.
The regulars sit around the horseshoe-shaped bar that's right next to Titlow Beach, but no one in there needs a view of the water.  There are far better things going on inside.

The best thing EVER about the Beach is the shuffleboard table. The heavens seem to sing down on anyone who lays eyes on it. My crowning moment at the Beach was when this boy that I was (and sometimes am) in love with taught me how to play shuffleboard. In my very first game, my team beat his by one, and my final toss secured the win. We worked 'em again in a subsequent game, too.  Beginner's luck? Maybe, but I think the starry eyes and the beer helped.

If shuffleboard isn't your cup of tea, the Beach also has three pool tables, pull tabs, dart boards, a big-screen television and the ever-addictive Golden T golf game.
For the perfect beverage to accompany a match, I usually stick to Bud Light because I think it goes nicely with Sundays, but the Beach also has microbrews including Alaskan and Widmir Hefeweizen, along with a variety of wine.

There's one other essential at the Beach of which you must be aware. The food is freakin' awesome. I consistently go for the grilled cheezer and jo-jos, but I'd recommend anything from the grill-lovin' menu.

An important person whom you'll want to get to know there is Chad the bartender.  I realize that I talk about eyes quite a bit in this column, but his baby blues are certainly worth mentioning, too. Another amazing facet of The Chad is his unparalleled humor and wit, which makes sitting at the bar completely worth it.

Games, food, bros and brews? If that doesn't bring some sunshine to your Sunday, I'm not sure what will. Well, maybe if I was right there with you.


Beach Tavern, 8612 6th Ave., Tacoma, (253) 564-9984

Tell me where you like to party here.