Greatest metal songs

By weeklyvolcano on May 1, 2006

VixenClicking through Bobble Tiki's upper-end digital-cable channels with a mix of disgust on a recent vacation Bobble Tiki spent some quality painful time with "Metal Mania" on VH1 Classic. Of all the programming blocks on this round-the-clock outlet of forgotten music videos from yesteryear, none are more tragic-comic than "Metal Mania," which runs nothing but heavy-metal clips, mostly from the woeful era of ’80s hair metal where bands rock out in industrial plants that only manufacture sparks, rubbing bare shoulders and admiring one another’s immaculate hair and perfectly ripped jeans. Musically bludgeoning.
Like a car crash Bobble Tiki will tuen in tonight as VH1 kicks off their special Metal Month with the "40 Greatest Metal Songs of All Time" at 9 p.m. PDT.  What is your Top 40?  Is Jackyl on your list?  Is faux-slutty, powder-puff Vixen on your list?  Send Bobble Tiki your Top 5 metal songs of all time. â€" Bobble Tiki