Knapp's Vanilla Stoli and orange juice

By Brad Allen on April 2, 2006

Sometimes the best way to pass the day is by drinking - and when the sun is shining, nothing goes down smoother than a good, old-fashioned screwdriver. Knapp's Restaurant, in the heart of the Proctor Business District, is a tiny neighborhood bar, just the sort of place to spend a leisurely Sunday (or Wednesday, or Thursday ...) afternoon sprawled in a half-moon booth with the newspaper. (Might we suggest this week's Volcano?)  And a screwdriver is just the kind of drink to sip on such a lazy day. Knapp's puts a twist on the classic cocktail ($4) by using Vanilla Stoli instead of plain, boring vodka, which gives it a sweet, creamsicle-like taste. When you're done with the paper (but not the screwdrivers), enjoy Knapp's televisions, jukebox and solid comfort food.  So as the afternoon light hits Knapp's tinted windows, order another round. After all, what's so important that it can't be done tomorrow? 2707 N. Proctor, Tacoma, 759-9009.