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Salamone’s Pizza

By the slice, or by the pie, Salamone’s is serving up New York-style pizza

Salamone’s pizza slices will have you humming a happy tune. Photo credit: Dutch Randall

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ANNOUNCER: When word on the street had it that there was New York-style slices of pizza pie right here in Tacoma, the masses flocked to the intimate space that was slinging slices. Dutch and Jackie were on standby, awaiting shorter lines. The time has finally arrived for Salamone's Pizza.

JACKIE: First off, can we talk about locale? Stadium District is one of the swiftest growing business districts in the area. It's super walkable, in close vicinity to Stadium High School, and just a hop away from Tacoma's bustling Ruston Way making the already desirable and brilliant concept of New York-style slices on the go even more rad. You can opt for slices on the go, sit down and chow down or order an entire pizza to take home.

DUTCH: I grabbed a slice of the Harlem special with pepperoni, onions, and jalapenos atop mozzarella cheese and red sauce. A lot like a traditional pepperoni, but with a nice, hot kick! Grabbing a slice from the case, and having it warmed up is something that most West Coasters aren't accustomed to, but if you've ever had a real New York slice, then you know the crunch of the crust that only a slice can offer. If you prefer the more traditional path, then order a whole pizza made to order. This way you can enjoy a true large pizza, with huge slices made fresh just for you.

JACKIE: I eyed the slices hungrily and ultimately went for a classic pepperoni. Warmed to perfection and placed on a paper plate, I hit the streets and dug in. That crust. Le sigh! For lovers of the pizza pie, you'll know precisely what I mean. The crust has a delightful crunch and folds well enough to make eating on the run easy, while maintaining a perfectly crisp, toasty exterior that holds up well to the cheesy, saucy, greasy grub atop. I found myself humming "I'm Walking on Sunshine," while strutting down Tacoma Avenue, Saturday Night Fever style (with a different tune, obviously).

DUTCH: I like a pizza with some meat on it. Pepperoni, sausage, beef . . . it really doesn't matter, I just gotta have it. However, the "Unpep" pizza here is a creative slice with a white sauce foundation, both mozzarella and ricotta cheeses and then adorned with large dollops of red sauce that truly look like slices of pepperoni. I added a little garlic salt and Parmesan cheese to mine and forgot for a moment that I was a carnivore.

JACKIE: Not that I condone off-campus lunch hours or playing hooky, but the locale is prime for pizza's number one fan, teens. Pro tip: dine responsibly and don't miss your bus!

DUTCH: Well, if they do, they better at least bring their teacher a slice . . . right?

SALAMONE'S PIZZA, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. ,daily, 24 N. Tacoma Ave., Tacoma,

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