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Big Lots!

Bring on the holidays

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Retail practices crack me up. Don't get my wrong - I get the psychology behind the game, but at times it does seem rather excessive. Halloween isn't even here yet and stores are cutting half their seasonal display space back for Christmas decorations. It just doesn't seem right.

There are no exceptions to the rule. Even Big Lots has a Halloween party in the front and Christmas business in the back, just waiting its turn to be princess for a few weeks before Valentine's Day kicks it to the curb.

It's been a while since I've visited Big Lots. I kind of forget it's there, and that's a really big (no pun intended) mistake. Because I forgot how cool it really is. I mean, where else can you find seasonal decorations for super cheap? Some stuff is pretty cheesy, but other stuff is pretty decent. Sometimes cheesy is good. Cheese IS good.

Besides decorations, I found one of those cool three crock buffet slow cookers for only $50. If you entertain or have lots a family, one of these is a must. And just in time for Thanksgiving, come get your turkey fryer for only $88. Just be sure to fry the turkey outdoors and don't put it in frozen. Look THAT up on YouTube.

Other great deals on appliances can be had at Big Lots, but it's the tableware that got me excited. You can get plain ol' white dinner plates, soup bowls and salad plates for $1 each. There are a few flaws here and there, but once or twice a year when you have 10-plus people over for a big dinner you'll be glad to have them.

Big Lots does have some great deals on non-perishable groceries. Several types of cryo packed Indian cuisine for $2 a package are a good thing to have on hand when you don't want to cook. Coconut milk for .60 cents, lots of condiments, pickles, crackers, cookies, pasta, soda and the list goes on.

Good deals on jars of roasted red pepper ($2), V8 tomato juice ($2 for 6/5.5 ounce cans), nuts, Swanson chicken broth (16 ounces for $1), and Campbell's Harvest Select soups for $1.25 each. Stock up! Again with the puns...

One thing that stood out (and scared me) is that Paula Deen's empire must be crumbling because you can get just about anything that features her big old ham-smacked mug plastered across the box at Big Lots. She's pushing brownie mixes, cake, cookies, muffins, bread, scones, etc. - all for the low, low price of $1.95.

I tell you what: I'm coming back to buy the husband some of his "two-in-one" shampoo and conditioner at Big Lots, because $2 here is better than $4.50 at Fred Meyer. I need to be cheap, people, because my shampoo costs about $35 at the salon. Don't tell Dustin.

You might want to get yourself over to Big Lots soon. It looked like they just put a ton of new stuff out on the floor and all the cool stuff goes fast.

There is more to this store than you think. You can get a jump on Christmas. Ugh.


2217 N Pearl St, Tacoma


1410 72nd St E, Tacoma - (253) 538-7212

3800 Bridgeport Way W # 200, University Place


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Unintentional Housewife said on May. 01, 2011 at 10:35pm

Yes! Hubby totally gets Big Lots $2 shampoo. Although... my salon shampoo is only like $10. But my fancy salon hairspray is like $30, so I think that makes up for the frugality of the shampoo.

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joan Mullen said on Jan. 20, 2013 at 5:27pm

I purchased some salt free seasonings when I was in California but can't seem to find any here. Does your Bellingham store stock this - I paid 99cents down there

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