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Shopping at Dave's Meats and Produce

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Man, do I miss summer. Don’t get me wrong. Fall is my most favorite season, followed by winter and then summer.  Ah hell, I like them all and I try to find something good in each season and usually it involves food. There’s a shocker.

One of my favorite summer spots to shop is Dave’s Meat and Produce. It is barbeque nirvana. So of course during the warm weather either the husband or myself visit the market on a weekly basis to indulge in all the fabulous free-range meat offerings.

But then yesterday I got to thinking that I hadn’t been there in a while and why not? Even though we may not want to brave the cold to barbeque, there is this fancy indoor food cooker called the OVEN that is more than ready for the job. Doy.

Usually, my attention goes directly to the pre-marinated meats, but today I thought I would take a little look-see around to see what else Derek is offering these days. Don’t let the limited space at Dave’s has fool you. The space is small, but it is big in variety.

Aside from the nice mix of vegetables and fruit, there is a tank of fresh fish just waiting for your selection. Just kidding. I think it’s just a prop for some good ol’ fashion feng shui. Underneath the tank there is a great deal on Satsuma oranges only $5 for a five-pound box. That’s a really good deal folks.

For you adventurous fowl eaters (that sounds funny), Dave’s has whole duck, capon (a male chicken castrated when young to improve the quality of its flesh, and isn’t that special), whole pheasant, quail and duck breast. The market also offers freezer packs that include a variety of mostly red meat. The small pack is $150 and the large is $270.

Speaking of meat, I have to tell you about my most favorite offering at Dave’s, the Hawaiian pork roast wrapped in banana leaves. All you have to do is wrap it in foil and slow bake or barbeque for a few hours, then serve with sweet Hawaiian rolls and homemade coleslaw. It’s heavenly. What a great winter party idea! Add a tropical adult beverage and you too can chase those cold weather blues away. …

To complete your grocery purchases, Dave’s provides a great selection of beer and wine. You’ll find beers like Pike, Anderson Valley, Stone and Scuttlebutt. The wines are even more diverse and feature many popular Washington, California, Oregon and value driven imports.

So really, Dave’s Meat and Produce has something for everyone. And by all means, just because it’s damn cold, your barbeque won’t care.

[Dave’s Meat and Produce, 1312 N. I St., Tacoma, 253-280-9999]

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