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The Best Damn Music Show in Olympia

Bands perform every Sunday at Arcade Recording Studio

Horsebodies pose for a post-show photo with hosts Stephi Eubanks and Bruce Whitcomb. Photo credit: Bri Cummings

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The band was jamming in the studio that's situated to accommodate both musicians and fans. Around 40 people were there, some in suits, some with piercings and tattoos, all with toes tapping or heads banging. Behind a large window, an audio engineer sat in his recording studio, and in front of the stage a gracious hostess introduced the band.

This was the scene at Arcade Recording Studio, home of The Best Damn Music Show in Olympia, a live, one-hour performance and recording session that takes place every Sunday at 7 p.m.

Hosted by Stephi Eubanks of OoDaLolly Productions and Bruce Whitcomb, owner of Arcade Recording Studio and Red Arrow Records, the show was developed to represent local singers, songwriters and musicians. The show focuses on a live performance, with the host engaging the artist(s) to share their music and story with the audience.

"The idea is that the show is here to serve the musical community, our friends, families and the people who believe in them," said Eubanks. 

Together, Whitcomb and Eubanks have years of experience in artist development and representation, recording and producing.

For about six months, bands have been rolling through on Sunday evenings to play to a captive audience. Fruit Juice, The Lowest Pair and Grady Eddins have all rocked the stage, and Lakewood Community Jazz Band and Joe Bach have been part of the continued jazz series. The Best Damn Music Show in Olympia strives to include all genres of music.

The night I visited, Horsebodies, a former Weekly Volcano Best Of winner, was rocking out. It was a treat to watch the band get down in such an intimate setting. In between songs, Eubanks and Whitcomb had friendly banter with the band, plugging shows, asking questions and eliciting chuckles.

While the conversation and music are being recorded by Whitcomb, a camera is rolling, catching all the fun on film. Right now, Arcade Recording Studio is actively shopping its programming and plans to launch up to 30 shows on its YouTube channel by summer.

After the session, the bands get a copy of the rough, live cut and are offered an opportunity to have open dialog about future recording projects.

"As a studio, we are a full service production house," said Whitcomb. "You can come here to record, mix, master, design and create your finished product."

"But what it's really about is the fact that we are musicians. We have been doing this our whole lives, and we're super passionate about it," added Eubanks, "and the fact that there are so many musicians that actually need a place to play where they can showcase their value - Arcade Recording Studio is a place where it's really about the art and craft of musicianship."

Check for updates and RSVP for events at

BEST DAMN MUSIC SHOW IN OLYMPIA, 7 p.m. Sundays, Arcade Studios, 352 North St., Tumwater, no cover, 360.489.5089

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