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The Rockford Files: "The Time Machine Is Broken" is not broken

Tacoma power pop band Strangely Alright nails its first release

These guys are Strangely Alright. Photo courtesy of Facebook

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Several weeks ago, I received a package at work. I had been given a heads up that I should be expecting a CD to arrive for me for a possible review in my column. However, I had not been properly notified about the incredible quality of the aforementioned CD, or how beautifully and thoroughly it would be packaged.

The package I received was from Regan Lane of Tacoma power pop band Strangely Alright and contained its newest album, The Time Machine Is Broken.

Lane has been a prominent member of the Northwest music scene in excess of 30 years. His measurable success comes in many forms, and his music has received airplay on several television shows, such as A&E's Biography, NBC Sports, VH1 Top Twenty Countdown, and Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. He has had seven original songs included in compilation albums and was named "Songwriter of the Year" from

Lane is not lacking in accomplishments. But to fully comprehend the true impact of his music, you must listen for yourself. Commercial success only tells half the story - the emotional appeal and inspirational nature of Lane's music can only be fully appreciated through firsthand listening.

Having played in notable Northwest bands such as Baby Knockors, Strypes, Groovy Times In Babylon and BrokeNess, Lane now has new project on his hands. Strangely Alright began last year following a musical partnership between Lane and bass player/vocalist Ken Schaff. The addition of Jeff Reiner (lead guitar), Preston Darvill (drums) and Lee Gregory (keyboard, vocals) completed the power pop band.

The newly released The Time Machine Is Broken is the band's first album. From its opening track, Train To Nowhere, Strangely Alright has an undeniable emotional appeal. Ringing, triumphant chords and lyrics that allude to conquered tribulations immediately make the music relatable to, well, everyone.

After setting the bar high with the opening track, the album fails to disappoint - particularly with the droning fourth track, Crying Shame. Ambient harmonies, angstful lyrics and descending piano chords make it one of the CD's highlights. The eighth song in the lineup, Crazy Ride, exemplifies Lane's knack for constructing beautiful melodies that catch you off guard. The finale, U And Me, closes the album with an upbeat love song that no album is complete without.

If you're looking for the latest of great Northwest-made albums, Strangely Alright's The Time Machine Is Broken should be at the top of your list. A copy can be purchased on the band's website,, where you can also find the latest band news and a list of upcoming shows.

Strangely Alright will be making its way up to Seattle to perform at the Bite of Seattle this Saturday at 7 p.m. Its next show in the South Sound will be Aug. 6 at the National Night Out At The Bridge, followed by a performance at the Garfield Street Fair in Parkland on Aug. 17. On Sept. 6, the band plays Louie G's Pizzeria in Fife.

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