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Glam on with Prophets of Addiction

Sleaze rawk contained within the grooves

Prophets of Addiction play their glam punk June 1 in downtown Olympia. Courtesy photo

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There is no denying the cross-gender, glitter and lights, leather and leggings sexiness of glam rock. The decades have spawned a slew of glam rockers since the '70s - from David Bowie, T Rex and New York Dolls to KISS, Twisted Sister and Guns N' Roses. These musicians not only knew how to tear up a stage, but also how to smudge eyeliner just right.

Even though Steve Madden has a spring 2013 glam line, and parody bands such as Steel Panther are making their way into mainstream, there is one band who perfectly embodies the spirit of sleaze rock - the Tacoma/Olympia band Prophets of Addiction (POA).

Former Pretty Boy Floyd and Queeny Blast Pop bassist Lesli Sanders combined his connections, skills and wardrobe with the tight licks and pouty lips of bandmates Pat Hall, Jimmy Mess and newest addition Tim Diedrich to create one hell of a glam band that is often compared to Guns N' Roses with a worldwide following.

POA is tight, practicing multiple times a week, touring as often as possible, and even thrift shopping together.

"People stop us at all kinds of places and want their picture taken with us and to find out what our band is about - it's a blast, says Diedrich.

"When POA contacted me about joining, I was pretty down," continues Diedrich. "The music was the kind of thing that I listen to and they already had the ground work laid."

The local ties worked great for existing members, too.

"It was hard to find members up here in Washington but old Tim fit in just perfect," says Sanders. "And it seems he is learning the language just fine. Previously our guitar players were from Los Angeles and we would have to fly in to do rehearsals before heading out for tours. It made it really hard to write and create the camaraderie that it takes to really take the band to the next level."

And, according to Sanders, that next level is already in the works.

"We've been in some meetings lately with some major players in the industry, so it looks like there are a lot of things about to happen," he says. "Don't want to jinx it, but you will all hear about it real soon. And we hope to be doing some more touring and get back over to Europe and Australia, as well as hitting South America very soon."

For now, catch Prophets of Addiction at The 4th Ave Tav in Olympia with special guests Mosquito Hawk and '80s hair metal tribute, Wikid Sin.

PROPHETS OF ADDICTION, w/Mosquito Hawk and Wikid Sin, 8 p.m., Saturday, June 1, The 4th Ave Tav, 210 Fourth Ave. E., Olympia, 360.786.1444

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