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Take your basketball talents to the next level

Quad City Flames offering opportunities for service members and their families

The Quad City Flames have started their season 2-0. Photo credit: Christopher Harris Photography

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For service members who are used to running the table during local pickup basketball games and think they might have the talent to take it to the next level, the Quad City Flames has opportunities for you.

The Quad City Flames are members of the Minor League Basketball Association (reigning 2019 Minor League Basketball Association champions) and are part of the American Basketball Association. 

The American Basketball Association (ABA) is an American semi-professional men's basketball minor league that was founded in 1999.

The Flames' co-owner and coach, Marcus Stencil, started the league as a way to help young talented military and civilian members that have no other options for an athletic sports league. 

"There are many individuals that enjoy playing the sport and are looking for the best competition available in the area," said Stencil. "Being a vet of the Air Force, I have come across a lot of talented guys and have even seen several soldiers get out of the military and play professionally overseas."

Stencil has been involved with basketball since back in the 1980s and after breaking his ankle for the second time, he decided that he would turn to coaching. 

"I began coaching in 1998 at Charleston Air Force Base and have been able to help three of my players to go on to college to play basketball," said Stencil.

Falling in line with the military characteristics of community belonging and providing a consistent atmosphere that supports the family, Quad City is here for the entire family as well.

"It is our desire to offer a unique and professional basketball team that prides itself on providing family-friendly entertainment to the Quad City and surrounding counties," said Stencil. "To assist local basketball players in achieving their dream to become professional basketball players, and to also teach fundamentals and history of the sport to military youths."

Military involvement within the team has been a foundation for the Quad City Flames since beginning their very first year.

"Having our Director of Operations, Will Causey (retired U.S. Army) on the team since we started the league has been a great benefit," said Stencil. "Since Causey held the position of instructor prior to retiring, he has been able to help our younger service members better prepare in staying ready at all times."

Staying ready at all times is not just a mantra for the older people, younger service members can benefit, too!

"The ability to always be ready has also been a benefit to another player with military history who transitioned out of the military earlier this year," added Stencil. "We are currently trying to help him get into college to play basketball and get a degree." 

Looking to test your skills against some of the Quad City's best?

Tryouts have ended for this season and the roster is currently set; however, the team still allows people to attend their practices and train with them. "We do not turn anyone away!"  

Watching the Quad City Flames play can also provide an opportunity for lower-ranking service members and those living in military barracks to root for their fellow service member, all while enjoying local sports at an affordable price.

"We are here to give those young soldiers, airmen, sailors, guardsmen and Marines something to do outside of the barracks," added Stencil.

The Pacific Northwest local team, Quad City Flames, offers military discounts for service members and their families to enjoy basketball games during the next couple of months.


Saturday, Nov. 2

vs Open

Saturday, Nov. 9, 7 p.m.

vs Lakewood Panthers

at Nisqually Youth and Community Center

"Military Appreciation Day"

Saturday, Nov. 23, 7 p.m.

vs Seattle Mountaineers

at Nisqually Youth and Community Center

"Since the inaugural season, we have grown each year in attendance and continue to work hard to provide a positive impact in the quad city community," concluded Stencil. 

To learn more about the Quad City Flames, visit their website at

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