What's The Word?: The rise of Tacoma hip-hop groups

Tha Committee mixes the streets with some soul

By Josh Rizeberg on April 17, 2013

The quality of Tacoma hip-hop has really increased. There have always been talented artists doing their thing here, but even just a few years ago there was a lot less dopeness out there. I remember only being able to really like and appreciate a handful of the hip-hop that our city produced. This year that number has greatly increased. There are many top-level MCs/groups making music in our city. One of those groups is Tha Committee.

Tha Committee mixes the streets with some soul. Their style, music, songs and buzz are higher than most new groups. When ya see That Committee perform, they seem more polished than a new crew. This is one reason why they are getting quality shows in Tacoma and respect from their peers, which is hard to earn in this locale. The group consists of Knuckles, Tha Moufpiece and DeeZee. One reason why Tha Committee has their ish together is because they stem from the music tree that is Second Family. Knuckles and Tha Moufpiece handle the MCing and DeeZee supplies the sanging. Being from the Second Family realm of Tacoma hip-hop their music is also produced by The 25th and 3rd Entertainment. With so many solo artists and the lack of large crews in our city; it is cool to see two powerhouse groups repping the same Family.

Thanks to the singing skills of DeeZee, Tha Committee comes across as being ready for a larger stage than just Tacoma. They are from the Eastside of the Tac' and that gives them their edge, but there are enough R&B hooks in their music to make it radio ready. Tha Committee has presence on Reverbnation, Soundcloud and Facebook. I say add Tha Committee to the list of Tacoma hip-hop groups that ya should be checking for. With ILLFIGHTYOU, The Loop and Tha Committee, 2013 could be the year of the hip-hop group again. Remember when there were hella crews? The solo MC was the rarity. I think crews give a generally more fun and party vibe at shows. They are more interesting to watch and to see them interact with each other on stage. Get ready world, Tacoma hip-hop groups are coming!