What's The Word?: Easiah is the real scrappy hustler

His latest album is G-Funk West Coast rider music for the streets

By Josh Rizeberg on April 3, 2013

The world is forever changing. Remember when it was standard procedure to burn CDs or get some CDs of your album made? This is happening less and less as most music has fully moved onto and become digital. This affects Tacoma in many ways. One thing happening is the emergence of online communities as opposed to actual brick and mortar spots. There used to be record stores where one could go and talk to other artists and fans and buy and support local hip-hop. Now, one must have an Internet connection to stay abreast of new local hip-hop.

I was recently given a physical copy of Easiah's Rockstar Rehab album. It is available online at his bandcamp site. Easiah is the young MC who brought us the "Ta Ta Ta Tacoma" video. When I first met Easiah he was running El Potrero. His managing and booking was instrumental in creating a hip-hop community at Potrero. Easiah relentlessly promoted and built up that venue, bringing in underground artists and larger local artists together to party it up at his spot. Like El Potrero, Easiah is a scrappy hustler who cannot and will not stay down. Just one listen to his music and it is obvious he is a survivor and a fighter.

Easiah did not have it easy growing-up. We're talking poverty, projects, drug-addicted family members, gangs and violence. His actual reality is the stereotypical blueprint for a lot of fake MCs. Basically, he's real and you're not.

The thing that sets Easiah apart from a lot of other Eastside Hustle rappers is his positivity and strength. He's obviously come a long way in his life. Easiah loves his daughter, his neighborhood and city. There is a deep pride that comes across when he raps about these things. Easiah's music now has a certain depth and maturity that comes from overcoming obstacles, being a great father and looking at his surrounding with a 3rd Eye.

Easiah also goes by Prince of the Eastside.

His latest album is G-Funk West Coast rider music for the streets. The album features guest verses from DJ Phinisey, BC, Luni Coleone, Lil Dreams, A.R. Mastermind, Shorty Ru, Nutty Loc, Lok Skywalker, D'Rocc, Watchyatone and Mannie Fresh. Give it a listen if ya want some intelligent gangsta ish.