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What's The Word?: DJ Reign in the Tacoma hip-hop scene

Catch the hip-hop show Saturday at The Loch's

DJ REIGN: He's at the helm of Fresh Blends Reblended. photo credit: courtesy of

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It's no accident that the Holy Trinity of Hip-Hop, the godfathers of our very culture, was DJs Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash. Hip-hop would be spoken word and mimes if it was not for the DJ laying down the musical landscape, the audible soundtrack to our lives. The DJ supplies the beat that we speak to and dance to. If there were no DJs, there would not even be shows, jams and parties.

One of the most influential DJs in the Tacoma hip-hop music scene is DJ Reign. He now heads up the marketing, promoting, booking and most of the DJ work at The Loch's in downtown Tacoma. Before his current club gig, Reign was the DJ for Can-U. He also helped plan and run the original Fresh Blends at the original Hell's Kitchen (R.I.P.) on Sixth Avenue. Reign also runs, books and DJs at Fresh Blends Reblended - which is the triumphant return of Fresh Blends the last Saturday of every month at The Loch's.

Reign has spun at too many clubs to list. From here to Seattle and back, Reign has been making them dance on dance floors for a decade. I must say Reign is one of the best-rounded DJs. He is a hip-hop DJ. He can make people dance on the e.d.m. tip. He can plan shows. He can run nightclubs. This exemplifies the importance of diversifying your skills and talents. If all you can do is one thing in one lane, then chances are you will not be able to eat off it. In this day and age, it is all about being able to draw resources from many different areas. The fact that Reign can do so many things well is the reason why he has been able to have a career in the music/entertainment field.

Reign is also the full time D.J. for one of the most exciting and talented hip-hop groups in Tacoma - The Loop with Kdueski and Trussone. These two MCs are giant veterans in our scene, to say the least. Their style of hip-hop laid the foundation for Can-U, Rockwell Powers and other MCs on that vibe. Trussone is the full-time producer for the crew. He is one of the most respected beat makers in Tacoma. If I were to describe The Loop's sound I would say it is half boom-bap and half fun. The crew gives off the vibe of old-school legends who have come back to the scene - not for money or respect, but because they want to keep on rocking. I am hella psyched for an album from The Loop. Stay tuned. ...

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