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Evening of Keys IX

Talented keyboardists join together on a state-of-the-art stage

BROOKE LIZOTTE: He sees keys in his dreams. Photo courtesy of Facebook

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Something about the way a keyboard sounds - its fluid quickness, lofty crescendos and slow tickles, and its pounding, amplified rhythms - makes it the perfect accompaniment to any band in any genre. It's like adding lace to leather.

But sometimes the keyboard needs to stand alone, black and white keys basking in the spotlight, waiting for the skilled and graceful hands of its master to come on stage and show the audience what one single instrument can do.

Thursday, March 21, Maurice the Fish Records presents an Evening of Keys IX, highlighting six great artists - including Brooke Lizotte, keyboardist for Dreamwreck and Dan Reed Network. Lizotte is also known for his work with Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse and Jennifer Hudson. Other projects include executing piano, keys, and orchestration in the films Sex and the City 2, Burlesque, Happily N'Ever After, Last Night, among others.

Expect other local talented keyboardists Doug Skoog (Blues Redemption and The Crazy Texas Gypsies), Mark Bittler (Bump Kitchen), Anthony Ciarochi (Tin Man, The Aury Moore Band and Stone Age Thriller), Raymond Hayden (Raymond Hayden and the Monsters in the Dark) and Derek Whitaker (Heartless, and occasionally, Heart to Heart and Heart.)

"There has been no other show put on like this," says presenter Raymond Hayden, CEO of Maurice the Fish Records. "Pretty much every show is compiled of guitarists.

"It gives the fans an opportunity to see another side of the key members of top local bands in a different light," he continues. "It allows each of these keyboard players to share one another's fan base, to grow together and to learn and be inspired from one another."

The resumes behind the Evening of Keys IX talent equal Lizotte's achievements. The keyboardists have performed with Chuck Berry, Bob Marley, Blue Oyster Cult and Alan White of Yes, just to name a few.

"We keyboardists are normally behind the scenes" players," says Hayden. This provides us an opportunity to shine on our own merit."

As the title of the show notes, this show is the ninth in a series of Evening of Keys, which formerly filled the Mandolin Café with melodies. Thursday's presentation will be at Louie G's Pizzeria in Fife, which means the show is all ages and will be on a state-of-the-art stage.

"Louie G's is one of the hottest venues in the Pacific Northwest right now," states Hayden, who also emphasizes the fact that it's all ages. "We reached out to the local music programs at the high schools and colleges to let them know about this show and invite their students to attend. They can see music is still alive and maybe get extra credit."

Whether young or old, bluesy or groovy, an Evening of Keys IX is sure to delight music fans across the board and bring a new perspective to those who normally see keyboardists as just part of the band. Come see fame-kissed talent in a unique, professional venue and enjoy a tasty pizza.

LOUIE G'S PIZZERIA, THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 8 P.M., $7, 5219 PACIFIC HWY. E., FIFE, 253.926.9700

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