What's The Word?: Tacnology Entertainment and Awall's new video

The latest word on the South Sound hip-hop scene

By Josh Rizeberg on March 20, 2013

Tacnology Entertainment is a four-man, hip-hop group consisting of Sleezie, Bounce, CoopDavilleone and Shadow. If ya pay attention to 253 hip-hop, then you definitely have seen, heard or met Bounce. I believe I met Bounce just over five years ago. He was $krilla's hype-man. If you are a 253 hip-hop music fan, then you probably have also heard of Shadow. I first heard Shadow on a Koomaniac's song. Since then, I have seen him catch wreck at plenty of open mics. Tacnology Ent. is run like an old-school hip-hop label - think a smaller Blue Nose Music. Tacnology Ent. has a street-crew vibe, with some mighty tough lyrics packed in. Bounce has a sinister, raspy sharp flow.

Tacnology Entertainment is a well-rounded, hip-hop outfit, not living in a certain type of hip-hop style. The foursome is a true hip-hop fan, which reflect in the label's music.

The label also has DJ Skrewball as its full-time DJ, which is cool. Not too many groups still employ a full-time DJ. The importance of a crew having its own D.J. has been lost in the shuffle of laptops and flash drives. Just this fact alone shows that Tacnology Ent.'s heart is in the right place. Perhaps in a perfect world, all hip-hop artists would understand the importance of a DJ and utilize them for its live shows.

You can find Tacnology on Soundcloud, Reverbnation and Facebook.

Keeping things all Tac' ... have ya'll seen Awall a.k.a. 2-Piece's new video, "The Tactician"? It's pretty awesome. The flow is classic Awall, as of late. His spit seems to be more on-point as the years go by. 2-Piece has a hunger that never seems to subside. Awall is aging like a fine wine. As the pass by, he somehow falls and lands even more in the pocket. At this point in the game, there really are not too many street spitters that can write, rap, and perform with the skill that Awall does.

As I said, the video is awesome. Check for cameos from Young Krime a.k.a. Da Ghetto Baby, B-Dub, Shao Sosa, Rameika and others. The video is fun with a storyline. Awall is crazy. Is he mentally crazy? Is he crazy with anger? Is he crazy about his music? I will let you decide after watching the video. Oh yeah, check my cameo out!