What's The Word?: Starr of the South Sound

Starr's delivery is laidback, cool, smooth and rhythmic

By Josh Rizeberg on February 28, 2013

Who are the streets talking about? I have been hearing Starr's name a lot. He is a diverse MC - who is respected on the battle-circuit, but also for making good music. This double - threat has eluded many a hip-hop artist. I know we can all think of dope battlers who cannot write a song to save their life, or an artist who makes good records but who would never dare step food inside a rap battle. Starr does not have this problem. In fact, I honestly cannot think of another MC who possesses so much skill in both arenas. This fact alone should make ya'll interested in Starr. Then throw in the fact that he has the Nu Empire crew backing him up, and Starr suddenly becomes possibly the next guy to get hella props around here.

Starr just released the new mixtape Red Jet Eye available on Datpiff.com. The album is a 24-track monster with guest verses from Leezy, Tacoma Watchyatone and others. Starr stays heavy in the street lane, but his rhymes are filled with enough clever punch-lines and tricky wordplay that he comes across as an intelligent, thoughtful, deep-thinking rhyme crafter. The album is packed with soulful samples mixed into big, loud, monster club-like anthems. It is has both a classic hip-hop feel and a flashier baller-type vibe too. There were a few tracks that had a bit more of Southern feel. For example, "Foreign" has a chopped and screwed hook and the beat almost has a Houston aura to it. Starr's delivery is laidback, cool, smooth and rhythmic.

Even though Starr stays calm and collected in his pocket, his hunger for success still comes across strong. He evenly mixes rhymes of trying to get big with odes to his family, people and hometown. The album has some not-so-serious moments too. There are plenty of songs just about getting fucked-up - odes to the smoke and drink. Every now and then Starr can get a little cliché when talking about the females, but that is the only redundancy. I truly enjoyed every track on this mixtape. Don't forget - it is Starr with two Rs!