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The group has big buzz

ILLFIGHTYOU: The group consists of full-time producer and part-time MC Khris P. Kream, and two full-time MCs - EvergreenOne and Ugly Frank. Photo courtesy of Facebook

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It is a fresh 2013. Who is going to make noise, as far as music? So far ILLFIGHTYOU has been garnering big buzz in Tacoma and Seattle. Every single the group has dropped, such as "Gertrude" and "92," have garnered press by the likes of The Stranger and Seattle Times. The group's video, "Batcave," received the same, awesome coverage. ILLFIGHTYOU has the web-savvy tech monster Michael Pierce backing with photos, websites and videos. The group also has the huge Internet presence of A_Hyp relentlessly  backing them on Twitter. Those factors matter, but what really makes ILLFIGHTYOU stick out is the group's raps, beats and attitudes.

Formed last year, ILLFIGHTYOU consists of full-time producer and part-time MC Khris P. Kream, and two full-time MCs - EvergreenOne and Ugly Frank. Khris P's beats are great; they are frantic, fonky, fun, hype, energetic, and full-of-angst - just the type of beats EvergreenOne and Ugly Frank need. Gone are the days of EvergreenOne rapping about Taco Bell and PBRs. No, his repertoire now centers on running through women, harder drugs and busting noggins. Ugly Frank fits right in, spitting about syrupy lean, pills and busting domes.  If ignorance, not giving a fuck and cockiness is what ya like in yo raps, then you really need to look no further. This crew has mastered the topics of the thoughtless. Few groups I have heard have been able to capture such a punk-rock attitude in hip-hop. Kream raps about half as much as the other two fellas, but when he does, it is the perfect vocal balance to the other two. Khris has a strange, high-pitched rap-voice. It wavers in an off-kilter type of way; but he kills it. Every word he throws out there is interesting and hits well. It is a truly unique MC voice. Ugly Frank has the fresh wordplay of a hype youngster. He sounds electric and open next to the two older MCs. EvergreenOne's flow has matured great with time, not his topics, but just his flow. His voice is more gravelly, and he raps with an annoyance that only a knuckle-head approaching 30 could muster. The three of them together make for some of the most fun hip-hop I have ever heard.

ILLFIGHTYOU has a nice website with all its singles and videos - Catch the group's KEXP live performance on the site too. ILLFIGHTYOU had a good January, opening-up for The Breaklites at the Crocodile. February looks to be just as good for them, as they have a cool show at The Comet in Seattle with Jarv Dee and Gift Uh Gab Feb. 25.

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