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WHAT'S THE WORD?: Abom and Micah B. and videos

The latest word on the South Sound hip-hop scene

ABOM: Search for his "Black Beanies and DC's" video.

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I thought I would start off this column by playing some catch up. I figured I would bring ya'll up to speed on one of your favorite artists from the area, Abom. Last year was huge for Abom. He grinded out a handful of mixtapes, did hella shows, and gained a lot of respect from fellow artists and fans.

Since dropping his last project, 5 Starz, Abom has slowed a bit. Who can blame him? Not many people could continue to operate at top speed.

However, the last video he dropped was a big one. Late last year, he released "Black Beanies and DC's." Ya could say the title alone is his manifesto. If you have ever seen Abom more than once, then perhaps ya did notice that a black beanie and a pair of black DCs are his uniform. Abom's ability to flip different cadences is evident from the first bars of this song. The video already has more than 1,000 views.

However, since then Abom has been quiet, and that is not like Abom. What does this silence mean? Is he getting ready to explode with energy and new material? Only 2013 will tell. ...

I'm also playing catch up on an exciting young artist on the rise - Micah B. Last month he released a new video, "Dropout," produced by DJ Phinisey. The video is filmed at Chambers Bay, a links golf course in University Place. The fonky basic beat provided by Phinisey is minimal enough so that Micah's wordplay and flow really shine. The video is beautiful and grimy at the same time - just like the location they chose. There are huge concrete structures at Chambers Bay. They look like dinosaur-building relics left over from an ancient nuclear storing facility. It is a great location for a video shoot. The sun is out and Micah is showcasing his martial arts talent. The song addresses people that doubted his decision to drop out of school and follow his dream. Micah B's hunger really comes through in this song. The video already is nearing 8,500 views. Hopefully we can see a few more Micah B shows in 2013. He is one of the best young MCs in this town.

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