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WHAT'S THE WORD?: Fresh Blends returns to Tacoma

Popular hip-hop show renamed Fresh Blends Reblended and lands at The Loch's

SECOND FAMILY: The group will help kick off Fresh Blends Reblended at The Loch's.

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Fice, Can-U, EvergreenOne, Todd Sykes, D.J. Reign and Rockwell Powers: These are just a few names of people that I met at Fresh Blends about five years ago. Back then, MySpace was dying, blogs were popping-up everywhere and Tacoma hip-hop was in a huge growth spurt. Today in Tacoma, there are multiple shows every month. However, it was not always like that. Up until five years ago or so, venues all over the city continuously shut their doors on hip-hop. A hip-hop show was few and far between. Fresh Blends blew the door open. After that successful night, venues saw that hip-hop was just as popular and could make them just as much money as any rock show.

The artists I named, and many others, have gone onto be major players and some of the most well-known artists of our area. These artists have branched out and helped to create a scene we all enjoy today.

The original Fresh Blends was at Hell's Kitchen on Sixth Avenue. The night lasted one year and it brought down some of the best Seattle artists to perform in Tacoma. The Fresh Blends stage housed the SportinLife roster and artists such as Xperience.

Well things have changed, but some have stayed the same. Hell's Kitchen moved from Sixth to downtown Tacoma, where it died. Now the venue is The Loch's, and DJ Reign is working there - booking, promoting, and DJing.

Lucky for us, Reign is bringing back Fresh Blends to Loch's. Beginning the last Saturday in January, and every last Saturday of every month, Fresh Blends returns as Fresh Blends Reblended.

The first Fresh Blends Reblended show features The Loop, Dice, Second Family and more artists to be announced. The Loop is K-Dueski and TrussOne - veteran MCs with the quality and freshness of any true school hip-hop. I will be featuring them in a future column.

Dice is now officially the leading songstress and MC in Seattle. She just released her first official album after years of mixtapes and high-profile guest appearances. The album is buzzing big time. It has a professionalism to it that could really make it take off.

Second Family is also gearing up to release new music in 2013. It looks like it will be one of the best shows of the early year.

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